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This Thursday 9pm on chn 5 what is in dog food. Will you be watching?

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InTheRedCorner Sun 26-Jan-14 22:34:22

I'm really looking forward to watching the programme as a new dog owner and a raw feeder I'm hoping the programme reflects the benifit a of raw feeding and exactly what is put in dry and wet dog food.

After researching dry dog food ingredients I'm horrified that I used to eat dog biscuits when I was little!

InTheRedCorner Mon 27-Jan-14 20:36:23

Not in this house bake and don't forget I'm feeding on weight, large dogs are expensive to feed.

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 27-Jan-14 20:46:48

A dog the size of Intheredcorners is always going to be expensive! I can feed my Border Terrier from as little as 25p a day anywhere up to about 80p a day for the expensive pre prepped stuff delivered. It is either scouting the market for bargains or the doggy version of m&s ready meals!

I prefer the satisfaction of DIY but muttley likes a ready meal!

InTheRedCorner Mon 27-Jan-14 21:34:38

I was already spending a fortune on dry food and baked dog bones and treats that she would demolish in seconds before I swapped over.

Now one massive bone bought for 50p lasts all day, cleans her teeth and is meaty so no smell. And did I mention she no longer farts?

CEvert Tue 28-Jan-14 09:55:12

Also interested to know when raw food manufacturers says the meat they use are human graded, what exactly does that mean?
And how does that differ from what you and I purchase from the supermarkets?

Butterflylovers Tue 28-Jan-14 11:21:00

I guess it means it is fit for human consumption but I would never taste the stuff. Also all ingredients used may not be human graded. An ingredient may start off human graded but if treated differently and in a way not fit for human consumption, it should be regarded as feed graded. I think in most cases manufacturers refer to the ingredients and not the finished product as being human graded.

InTheRedCorner Tue 28-Jan-14 17:56:35

I buy my dog mince from a butcher so it's the chicken we could buy for dinner but it's minced with a percentage of bone in it. I feed chicken carcass as well.

Liver and heart from the butcher plus ribs.

I wouldn't buy chicken from Asda for her because it's normally pumped full of water or other things. I do buy chicken wings for snacks and the value lamb stew packs for her though.

I then buy the rest from a garden centre that sells frozen raw food like tripe, lambs trachia, chicken feet, marrow bone etc.

Some feed whole rabits and road kill but I'm not that brave yet

CEvert Wed 29-Jan-14 05:33:16

The Mail

Aquelven Wed 29-Jan-14 10:05:33

I've been reading up about raw & am interested. There's just one thing that worries me, one of my littlest ones has really bad IBS & I have to be really careful what she eats, & that's raw chicken. We're always told to cook chicken really thoroughly for ourselves because of the high risk of salmonella, yet raw chicken wings seem to be recommended.

fanoftheinvisibleman Wed 29-Jan-14 10:52:48

Aquelven The most important thing to remember is that humans and dogs are not biologically the same. A dogs guts are made for a raw diet and therefore their gut transit is much shorter than ours in order to cope with this.

Whether you go raw or not it is interesting to read about. And I would recommend anyone considering it to read as it is important to get the balance right. It is really easy to get into the swing but you cannot feed anything exclusively and meet nutritional requirements. Raw requires variety.

But some dogs do have genuine intolerances to say chicken, and you can exclude that type.

fanoftheinvisibleman Wed 29-Jan-14 10:54:21

I also cannot recommend rawfeeding uk on FB highly enough. They is lots of knowledge, experience and also some useful files of info.

LadyTurmoil Wed 29-Jan-14 11:12:20

Second fans <waves hello> I fed my foster dog for 2 months on raw and she loved it! Don't be put off by thinking you'll need to have lots of time for preparation/freezers etc - you don't unless you want to order huge amounts online. Otherwise, a small freezer drawer is enough for about 10 days of food (depending on size of dog's meal, of course).

The rawfeeding FB group are great, non-judgemental, very patient with newbies, lots of info available about prices, suppliers, what to feed, when to feed, everything you could wish for!

fanoftheinvisibleman Wed 29-Jan-14 11:24:03

Even better if you have a small dog...I can get a months worth in a drawer grin <waves back at LadyT>

InTheRedCorner Wed 29-Jan-14 16:49:49

Pleased to see I'm not the only raw feeder here and also recommend raw feeding uk on FB. Lots of pictures of poos though, we are all poo obsessed.

When I first got my pup I could half fill a carrier bag in a day with smelly slop now it's only a few firm poos with no smell so another bonus.

CEvert Wed 29-Jan-14 16:55:47

No more falling apart when you pick it up!!!!
Local pet food shop started stocking nutriment, natural instincts and nature's menu.... so lots of choice for when I am too busy to prepare my own.

fanoftheinvisibleman Wed 29-Jan-14 18:01:33

Nowt like FB pics of poo and sheeps heads when you are scrolling down your newsfeed on your lunchbreaks wink

InTheRedCorner Wed 29-Jan-14 18:39:08

My FB feed is a little more exciting now I'm signed up to raw feed uk and extreme raw.

Minced chicken, liver, 2 whole sardines and a carrot for dinner with a rib for afters.

I personally had pasta because it's not payday till Friday grin

fanoftheinvisibleman Wed 29-Jan-14 19:01:15

Ha ha! I Always joke the dog is better fed than us. Mine has had minced duck and offal and beef today. Might give him an egg too if he's snouting round later.

We had pasta too grin

LadyTurmoil Wed 29-Jan-14 22:35:02

Yes! Was laughing at poo discussion on today's feed and amazed at the sheep's and pig's heads a week or so ago. Hadn't really thought about going that far with raw feeding - scary for the neighbours perhaps!

redcorner seems like there are a lot of dogs on that group who are better fed than the humans...

InTheRedCorner Thu 30-Jan-14 16:53:46

Is it bad that I put more thought and effort into the dogs meal plan than our own?

That reminds me, I must go and inspect pick up poo before it gets too dark.

InTheRedCorner Thu 30-Jan-14 21:35:09

Anyone else watching?

LottieJenkins Thu 30-Jan-14 21:38:34

My boys eat Skinners. It is made in the village next to wear I live and my friend works there so I get a discount too!

LostInWales Thu 30-Jan-14 21:43:51

I'm watching, actually seems quite well done. I'm a bit shocked by that (I feed my whippets raw when I can but otherwise am very finikity about the percentages of proper stuff in their other food, no colours, sugars, proper percentage of meat for my breed of dog etc).

LostInWales Thu 30-Jan-14 21:44:46

Although I would LOVE to know what is in a vegan hot dog sausage, that must be full of crap surely?

Butterflylovers Thu 30-Jan-14 22:11:15

Wasn't that impressed with the programme. I was expecting some kind of big independent research showing whether dogs on certain diets have less health problems and live longer. It didn't tell us what we don't know already. Like what's been said in the show, people on average are only willing to spend up to x amount per day on dog food, feeding raw or fresh is more expensive and would cut into the margin of the big brands..... So there is no incentive for them to go down that route until there is overwhelming evidence to support the benefits of raw diet. Until then they will milk it by making us believe their food is the best. For me I will continue to feed raw and fresh diet.

InTheRedCorner Thu 30-Jan-14 22:40:36

I was very disappointed. It didn't really go into the real ingredients of dog food, skipped around E numbers, sugar and preservatives without telling the true story.

Showed a positive in raw feeding at first in my eye but then finished with negatives, disease through the fur and risk to children....

Raw is cheaper and I have never brushed a dogs nashers, raw or dry fed!

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