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My Irish Terrier has started PEEING in the house

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stollenqueen Thu 09-Jan-14 11:31:55

Sorry - reporting this as previous typo made no sense at all.
He is a relatively well behaved (for a terrier) Irish terrier. We have a conservatory/kitchen where I shut the dog up when I go out, and recently he's started cocking his leg against chairs. This morning he was left for 10 minutes, and I came back to find a big puddle. He's house trained and never poos in the house, but seems to do this to get attention/to express annoyance at being left. I have the specialist pet spray to break down the smell, I clean it with biological washing powder. I just want it to stop! Do I have to shut him in his crate every time I go out? Please help with advice or tactics.

Lilcamper Thu 09-Jan-14 12:56:20

How old is he? He won't be doing it out of annoyance or for attention as those are human things that dogs just don't do. It could be anxiety related, hormonal, a UTI or because he isn't properly empty before you go out.

MrsSquirrel Thu 09-Jan-14 13:04:12

I would take him to the vet to rule out a UTI or other physical cause.

I agree with Lilcamper that he won't be doing it to get attention or out of annoyance. Dogs don't do that, their brains don't work that way. They don't have a 'theory of mind' the way most humans do.

stollenqueen Thu 09-Jan-14 13:29:53

He's 2 1/2 and it's not a regular thing which makes me think it isn't a urinary infection. IT may be anxiety. He's been to the kennels recently. Anyway, I'll take him to the vet as it's both annoying, and limiting his freedom. He's a good dog apart from this, doesn't really chew, and until recently I was happy to let him have the run of the ground floor.

cathpip Thu 09-Jan-14 13:34:30

Have no advice, but you have an IRISH TERRIER smile smile, I grew up with one and you very rarely see them these days! Sorry blush

stollenqueen Thu 09-Jan-14 13:38:31

@cathpip. He is a fabulous dog (apart from this) and brilliant with people. Would heartily recommend the breed as he's big enough to be fun for my kids, but small enough to manage in a town. I have a friend who lives in West London who says there are tons of them there!

stleger Thu 09-Jan-14 13:58:26

I hope somebody answers, I have a random widdler too. The only advice the vet has is to put a cactus on ddog's chosen spot, as the super strong spray isn't working. We thought it was connected to other dogs visiting - he has a friend who sometimes escapes from home, and our coalman brings his dog round - but it doesn't seem to be that.
I know an Irish wheaten terrier who wees when she is overexcited, which she often is!

moosemama Thu 09-Jan-14 14:26:01

Definitely get him checked by the vet in the first instance. Then, if they can't find a health related reason, have a bit of a think about things like your behaviour prior to leaving him and what he has to do/think about while you're gone.

It could well be anxiety and if you have a bit of a routine going when you leave the house he will be picking up on the signs that you are about to go out well before you actually go and his anxiety will start building from then.

You can desensitise him to the signals by mixing them up and doing things like regularly picking up your keys then sitting down with a coffee instead of going out. Daft as it sounds, putting on your coat, doing your hair/make-up in the hall mirror and picking up your handbag or keys (or whatever your normal exit routine is) then sitting down and reading a book is another good one. Lots and lots of repetitions of the things you normally do when leaving, but without the leaving part will help to desensitise him.

The other thing is to give him something else to think about, eg stuffed kongs, treat dispensing balls and toys etc. This will not only keep him busy but start to change his associations with you leaving from negative to positive, as he will associate your departure with a bit of fun and a nice snack, iyswim.

Irish terriers are such clever dogs (I love them [envry]) I'd be inclined to leave him with a few different things to do while you're gone to prevent boredom and keep him distracted.

stollenqueen Thu 09-Jan-14 15:05:55

Changing my routine is an excellent idea - I already leave him with snacks, toys etc...but maybe I should up the variety. I'm so happy to "meet" other fans of Irish terriers here. He's a grand chap!

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