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Should more people prepare homemade food?

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CEvert Thu 10-Oct-13 09:34:52

Just wondering why don’t more people prepare homemade food for their dogs?
You know what you are putting into the meal.
Everything is fresh.
If you do not like giving raw food you can always cook it.
My pup loves it and licks the dish clean.
If you shop around, the cost is not much more expensive than commercial food.
Every now and then I get some good quality meat for a meat loaf but I end up eating half of it myself.....LOL.

ender Thu 17-Oct-13 09:33:37

I've found that vets don't know any more about raw feeding than the rest of us, although some are interested enough to find out about it and perhaps raw feed their own dogs.
My previous vet told me it was dangerous to give dogs raw meat because it was full of bacteria, so I changed to a pro raw feeding vet.
There's no scientific body of knowledge that can be taught in vet school, no profit to be made from raw feeding so why would anyone want to fork out the money for research?

Tillypo Thu 17-Oct-13 10:26:22

Totally agree with the last couple of posts here you will not find many vets pro raw for the simple reason they have nothing to make (money wise) from it. Like doctors prescribe one type of medication vets push one type of food be it Royal Canine or Hills. Before anyone says that is a load of rubbish my next door neighbour works at a vets and deals with the reps from food and medicine companys that go to vets. Also when you go in a vets they only ever have one type of dried food never a selection.
Cooked and weight bearing bones are a no no, but other bones are fine as long as they are raw.
Ender where abouts do you live as I can't find a pro raw vet near me.

SnakeyMcBadass Thu 17-Oct-13 11:30:05

My dogs have a good quality kibble as their main food, but a few times a week they have raw chicken pieces of bones from the butchers. I also give them table scraps such as potato, rice, meat, veg. Oh, and of course they tend to do the dishwasher pre-wash if I'm not quick enough <vom> Raw is great if you can be certain that you'll always be around to feed it. My dogs are kennelled regularly, and raw wouldn't work in that situation.

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