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Changing to raw for a pup

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HotPanda Sun 16-Jun-13 17:07:35

I feed our older dog raw, but I don't do full BARF, just the blocks of Prize Choice or equivalent.

I've googled how much to feed our puppy Weimaraner and it works out to be the same amount as our fully grown Dalmatian. Is this right? It seems an awful lot!

The calculations I found were either 10% of current puppy weight, OR between 2/3% of anticipated adult weight.
The calculations for our older dog are 2/3% of adult weight and this keeps him at a good weight and size.

HotPanda Mon 17-Jun-13 13:20:46


Pizdets Mon 17-Jun-13 18:45:59

I switched our pup to raw food but I'm afraid I'm not very scientific about it...he wasn't doing well on commercial food (picky eater) so my main goal has been weight gain. I probably feed him 10%+ of his current weight and have been really pleased to see him filling out and looking much healthier. I've now cut him down to 2 meals a day (was on 3 until 9 months!) And will start to measure how much I feed him once he's in a routine.

Sorry, that's not much help! I think pups do need a lot of food to grow, plus they burn so much more running around so much. Maybe try him on the larger amount and keep an eye on his weight?

HotPanda Tue 18-Jun-13 09:16:22

Thanks for replying.

I googled around quite a bit and it does seem that they do eat quite a lot! We are going to try the middle ground of 2.5% of average adult weight and see if she does ok on it. Have just fed chicken so far, but she is loving is and the poos are already so much nicer than the squishy mountains we previously had to collect - I didn't realise 10 week old puppies could produce quite so much!

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