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New puppy pooing in car crate two mins after leaving the house.

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Karbea Sun 21-Apr-13 18:44:43

despite the fact we try to get him to go before we get in the car.

He only seems to do this when we leave the house rather than driving about or on the way home, but it's possible he no longer needs to go once he has gone.

I don't even get as far as the end of our road.

He has now done this 4 times in the last 6 days. He seems to be getting the idea of toilet training at home although he has the odd mistake. But I'm worried the car thing is turning into a habit.

Any ideas how to sort this out quickly? As he'll be using the car a lot and I dont want to stop as soon as we leave to muck out/wash crate and him.

He is a 12 week old American cocker.

Apart from the poo he is ace in the car, doesn't cry or winge, just moans slightly before (I think) he poos, but by the time I stop the car he has pooed, so it's possible he winged after the poo.

Any help really appreciated, I was thinking of maybe feeding him in there rather than in his house crate???

pigsDOfly Mon 22-Apr-13 00:01:01

He's still very young. Is it possible he's frightened by the noise/movement of the car as he's pooing as soon as you start moving?

In your situation I'd start right back at the beginning by getting him to go in and out of the car while it's stationary and the engine is off. Let him play, let him go in and out of the crate with lots of treating and positive reinforcement. Then when he's happy with that start the engine but don't move the car, treating when the engine is turned on and just building up his confidence until you feel he'll be ok with the car moving. Keep the journeys short until he's happy and just keep rewarding him.

I could be wrong and someone else might give you a quick fix for this, but if he's pooing every time you go in the car I would think you need to give him more time and he needs training to accept the car rather than just keep repeating the same behaviour.

Good luck.

HormonalHousewife Mon 22-Apr-13 10:25:30

my mums cat does this. Or she is sick grin

shes about 10 now and I think its too late for her to change.

They tried all sorts but like you barely get to the end of the road before they turn around and clean up !

Your pup is still very young. I would just persevere and put him in the crate in the car for a few minutes, then taking him out and gradually build up the minutes without going anywhere.

then repeat with the engine on, and the repeat with some movement {sorry no pun intended}

Karbea Mon 22-Apr-13 12:58:23

Hello all,

This morning he had breakfast in the car and then when I got him out he did a poo straight away. Will try again tonight.
He needs to go in the car for an hour tmr so I might give him breakfast in there again get him out try to get him to poo, then head off.

Think it'll have to be a mix of slowly getting him used to it, and just making him travel in the car.

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