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Horrified! Dog went for the asda driver today

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SecretNutellaFix Wed 20-Feb-13 19:01:56

Take her to the vet.

Get her checked out thoroughly especially if this is such an out of character event for her.

Maybe consider shutting her in a room away from the door for the period your grocery delivery is due?

My first advice is probably the best course of action for the minute.

decena Wed 20-Feb-13 18:52:08

Our lab cross, jumped up at the delivery driver today and sank her teeth into his jacket sleeve. Didn't touch his arm thank god, but I was horrified. Our dog has always been the sweetest dog who is used to strangers coming to the door and barks and then licks them to death. She has never even growled at anyone before so I am shocked.

The driver was ok about it and said he was wearing his beanie hat and that was what probably scared her but now I am really worried in case she does something like that again.

We have a large secure garden but as she is a chewer, I often leave her out in the garden for an hour or so if I am away and she can run around and access the garage.

Problem is that our house is right in the middle with the driveway surrounding it so it is nigh on impossible to fence her off from the door.

Is something like this likely to be a one-off or should I be worried longer term?

The driver didn;t say anything but I expect he has to report it and now worried that we won't get our deliveries (obviously we will keep her shut up next time). Can something like this be reported to the police even though he wasn't bitten (and when he shouted at her, she ran off).

Just goes to show that you can never predict how an animal will react.

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