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car sickness

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SillyTilly123 Sat 09-Feb-13 09:48:14

Hi, my puppy is now 5 mo ths (we've had her 1 month) and she suffers from car sickness. I can get to the local park without her vomiting but any further and yuck! I sit her in the front seat (with dog seat belt) and crack the window but she looks thoroughly miserable the whole way. She is not scared of the car, she will happily jump in as she knows she is getting to go somewhere fun so there is no phobia there (yet) is there anything else I can do to help her?

MotherOfGirls Sat 09-Feb-13 11:17:16

We had a similar problem. Our rescue collie x can do around 30 minutes in the car and then he's sick. It is 40 minutes to the beach, which he loves! Eventually we settled on only travelling on an empty stomach - if he hasn't eaten for around 5 hours he's fine and can do Dorset to Newcastle!

We used to give him half his day's food at breakfast time and half at teatime; we now give him a quarter for breakfast and the rest for tea, so if we have to travel in the morning we skip his small breakfast. Where possible we go in the car in the afternoon so he doesn't have to miss a meal. (We did check with the vet about this feeding pattern and she said it was fine.)

I was reluctant to give him medication and this has solved our problem!

topbannana Sat 09-Feb-13 20:34:21

I had a rescue rottie dog who was incredibly car sick but had no fear of the car (as you describe)
Everytime we took the bins out, we popped him in the car, everytime we went out to lock up we popped him in the car always with the engine turned off. If we went to the paper shop we drove (the neighbours started to talk about our laziness grin) we recycled every couple of days and took him, we drove to the end of the street, walked back home then back to the car. It was dull and tedious but got him used to doing car journeys without being sick, almost breaking the cycle IYKWIM.
We also watched hawk-like for signs of sickness, he always hung his head and started to drool so we would stop the car and get out, have a stroll for 5 minutes then on our way again. It can stretch a journey somewhat but in the end he was almost 100% clean grin

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