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Please can you help our dog? (diet related)

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BettySuarez Wed 16-Jan-13 15:54:16

We have a 6 year old pointer cross.

He is a lovely lovely dog, beautiful temperament, lots of energy etc

But he really seems to struggle with his digestion. Over the years he seems to have gone through this cyclical pattern of loud rumbling tummy/excess salivation/off food/pacing/vomiting/diahorrea and then for no apparent reason he seems to settle down again.

Sometimes, we have to starve him for 24 hours (if its really bad) and then gradually introduce boiled rice and chicken, gradually building up to his normal dry food again.

We have consulted 3 different vets over the past few years. Stool tests have been inconclusive but all agree that he needs a 'sensitive' diet which consists of whichever brand they are promoting in their surgery at the time.

We have tried the Hills Diet and also Chappy (as this was reccomended), plus all of the other sensitive brands that we could find.

He seems to do really well to begin with, but after a few months we notice that the same problems are returning.

I am getting so sick of the smell (very windy both ends) and the constant trips to the loo. It's not his fault but its getting pretty hard to love with.

I have done a bit of research and it seems that the two main allergens for dogs are wheat and/or additives (we have never ever given him Bakers but I am sure that most brands contain these things anyway)

Is there anything else I am missing? What else could it be and can anyone reccomend a dry dog food that is totally natural?

Would it be worth just scraping the dry biscuits and cooking for him myself? (rice/meat/veg) or is this a crazy idea?

Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received sad

BettySuarez Thu 17-Jan-13 07:56:17

twojues do you give liquid gaviscon?

daisydotandgertie Thu 17-Jan-13 09:23:36

A massive difference.

It sounds as though there is something in the food your dog has already had which is difficult for her to digest. It could be chicken - it could be lamb or wheat or maize, it could be anything. To move away from the common ingredients, eg chicken, lamb, cereals to something based on just fish and potato might just help.

It's worth a try. And it's obvious, but only change one thing at a time - don't do the different food and slippery elm together for the same time.

twojues Thu 17-Jan-13 11:57:41

Yes, I give him the liquid gaviscon.
Depending on the size of your dog. Mine weighs 29kg and I give him 10ml.

But not the aniseed one, he absolutely hates that!!! He just about tolerates the mint one. I wish they did a plain one.

vintageviolets Thu 17-Jan-13 12:03:01

You definitely have to introduce a new food gradually.

Mine used to be like this, He is now on Iams only, with a little bit of warm water on top to make it wet/ dry.

If he manages to sneak the cat food, he has the trots the night after hmm

PenisColada Thu 17-Jan-13 12:04:29

We have switched to Marcus muhle. this

It is really fab and our allergic sensitive lab is now rash free and does lovely firm poos. Miracle.

You need to feed quite a small amount as it does not swell up in their tummy so is pretty economical too. Oh and our fussy eater other dog also likes it so win win. They do not advertise but I am so glad someone recommended it to us. I think you can get a sample sent first.

Vix07 Thu 17-Jan-13 12:09:51

We use raw/frozen too - try

Our rescue shepherd/retriever cross used to have terrible digestive issues although he tends to be too dry rather than runny smile Now he refuses to touch dry food, even the expensive allergen free stuff.

He's actually a different dog now more energy, calmer etc. We're totally converted.

paddythepooch Fri 18-Jan-13 18:23:41

Pooch had terrible tummy probs but has settled v well with nature diet. Can get it in some pet shops but also on line. Such a relief

paddythepooch Fri 18-Jan-13 18:24:21

Sorry meant to say have also heard rave reviews about natural instinct.

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