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Harness for border terrier?

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smileyfacestar Sat 26-Jan-13 14:57:27

We have a male border who is nearly six months and we use a harness. He has been wearing it for nearly two months and he is much better at having it put on (he used to chew it so that his mouth got stuck) and still pulls a little if he sees other dogs. He will actually hop on his back legs for ages! He has got much better overall though and doesn't pull when he sees cars or people.

nappybrain Thu 24-Jan-13 19:43:39

Thanks memom sorry to hear about your loss you clearly have lots of happy memories. Treats and distraction seem to be the way forward then...

Memom Wed 23-Jan-13 14:33:14

Sadly our BT isn't with us anymore hmm but I found to stop him pulling I turned around sharply whenever he pulled - he became more interested in watching me for clues I was going to turn he 'forgot' to pull grin obviously only works with short lead.

I taught him 'leave' early on to prevent the bike and pushchair wheel obsession. If I saw something coming towards us I would ask him to sit, tell him to 'leave' once the distraction had passed he got his treat.

Enjoy your BT, fab little dogs that leave a huge void when they leave us hmm

nappybrain Sat 12-Jan-13 16:37:16

Tthx 8 hours that is really helpful and another idea to try, sounds like it could be a BT thing..... Sympathise about being consistent....its hard as sometimes you just want or need to get on with the walk! We have used flexi lead on occasion and didn't find it a big success either because of all his pulling.

ijustwant8hours Sat 12-Jan-13 16:06:01

Mine is six months, he jumps and barks at cars and people, cyclists etc etc. I am trying to do "watch" before they get to us, so i say "watch" in an excited voice and show him a treat while they go past and then give him the treat as soon as they go past (if he doesn't bark and try to jump under the wheels!). If he is very exciteable / not getting it that day / it is something very exciting then I put him into a sit as it goes past.

It is going OK, concentrating on cars first and then I will work on people and other dogs....

He pulls as well, not all the time, mainly when he knows he is near home. I am trying to stop / turn round when he does it and get his attention back on me with a treat. I am not totally consistent though as sometimes he gets away with it! Also I shot myself in the foot I think by using a flexi lead....

I haven't tried harnesses etc as I expect he would be just the same on them! Sorry not to answer your question but thought I would let you know that my border is the same!

nappybrain Sat 12-Jan-13 15:16:41

Hes 9 mths old and pulls and jumps on the lead especially if there is a car or cyclist! We started a while back with a gentle leader but this was not v successful as he still kept jumping and chewing the lead....we've recently tried a halti harness but he's now decided he can jump up on that too, get tangled in it and chew the lead grrrrrr. I may try attaching a second lead to the harness which I think you can do, to see if that helps...but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?

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