Puppy cries even if I go upstairs. Is this normal? Is it separation anxiety?!

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WTFwasthat Mon 05-Nov-12 22:54:38

and what do i do? The stairs are gated so he can hear that we are in and he is not alone. But it is horrid and Makes me feel like I need to rush time with ds ir dd to get back to him. I don't go d/s until he is quiet, which is on and off.

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tooearlytobeup Mon 05-Nov-12 23:09:28

Mine did this too. Cried if he was in a different room to me. Cried at night. Cried if we went out. Cried if he was in the boot of the car while I was driving. He hated being separated from us, even if he could see us.

We were consistant about not making a big deal of it, and made a point of leaving him for very short times for example walking out of the front door and straight back in the back door. Luckily we have extremely understanding neighbours.

It worked. Not quickly, but it worked. He is 1 now and although he would rather be with us, he is fine with being left. He doesn't make a peep when we are out of the house and is happy being downstairs when we are upstairs.

I'm sure you will get good advice on here from others, but I just wanted to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better. Your pup sounds a lot like mine was (also a rescue) and I've ended up with the best dog ever.

WTFwasthat Tue 06-Nov-12 07:38:50

tooearly - phew, thank goodness for hat! i find it quite wearing tbh! i know it is probably normal but it is frustrating! he even sleeps in my room because the howling barking whining all night was so dreadful! I don't want him in my room really but it was preferable to the mess of vomit in his crate when i eventually got up and seeing/ hearing him in so much distress! did your dog like to be crated? Mine doesn't. I still crate in e day if I am on school run or shopping etc but I feel so guilty and rush home. Not much fun. He is always quiet when I return and I don't go straight to him and I get him out with a minimum of fuss etc. Was yoir dog crated? How old was he when youmgot him

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Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Tue 06-Nov-12 07:43:53

Our dog has a bed in our room where he sleeps at night for the same reason and, yes, was crated when small. We have a gate and keep it shut when we're out of the house so he's kept downstairs then but if we're in he goes wherever we are. We both like the company.

tooearlytobeup Tue 06-Nov-12 08:16:08

Ours was nearly 11 weeks when we got him. I crated him yes, but it seemed to be us being away from him he hated IYSWIM raher than the crate itself I left him in the crate at night, but slept downstairs with him at first as he was getting so upset being left. He would get upset even if he was on one side of a stairgate and us on the other.

It was awful at the time, but was just a phase and hes such a lovely dog it was definately worth persevering.

WTFwasthat Tue 06-Nov-12 12:46:02

tooearly , yes i think it is definitely being apart that is his issue. I hope he gets used to it as i do have to leave him d/s to do jobs u/s or to do ds's bedtime routin etc,.. he does settle in crate if i am out which. I had to take dd to orthodontist today so took him to my Mum's to wait rather than an hour and a half alone. How long would you say is reasonable to leave a pup of this age/ temperament. I have only left him for food shopping or school rin so far but he will need to learn the rhythmn of the house won't he?

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shoutymcshoutsmum Tue 06-Nov-12 14:45:55

My 1 y.o. GSP would, given a choice, spend his entire time next to me or DH. When he was younger, he would cry whilst we were out and the neighbours were fortunately understanding. He is much better now - I have consistently left him for a little bit every day and believe that has helped and I leave the radio on but I really think he has just got better as he has got older. He is still ridiculously over-excited when I return though! I try to ignore but have to protect myself and the kids as a priority ;)


tabulahrasa Tue 06-Nov-12 14:49:58

I'm currently sat on the stairs waiting for my pup to be quiet so I can go back in the living room and praise him for being good, lol.

I only crated him for 5 minutes while I nipped up to get ready to take him for a walk... I've been on the stairs for 15 minutes now hmm

doublemocha Tue 06-Nov-12 15:04:10

Having sympathy (and needing some here too!). Had puppy since Saturday. He is super but it's like nothing can prepare you for it, however much you read!

Everything going fine apart (fewer accidents, biting pretty good, already inhibiting etc) from crate training, he has howled for 3 nights now. We are going to stick it out on the advice of our breeder and friends but I am knackered, truly knackered and fed up! Today, he's been in the crate for three sleeps with the door shut. He's howled and pawed for 10-20 minutes then gone to sleep, the problem will be in the night when he wakes up and can't go off again I think.

DH being supportive but didn't really want the dog as much as the rest of the family and is a bit cheesed off at the disruption. Would not agree to pup being in our bedroom and I don't want that either tbh.

ps - our breeder did say that you must continue to live your life, so go to the supermarket, do chores etc (obviously not leave for hours on end etc but you get the drift) Ensure that they have toileted, not hungry etc, have comforts etc so basically you KNOW there isn't anything wrong. Ride it out and be in charge etc.

Someone with an adult dog please tell me it gets better!!

WTF - breeder says if all of the above, you can leave for approx 3 hours, probably max.

WTFwasthat Tue 06-Nov-12 19:18:08

hi doublemocha - i was wondering how you were doing. The crying at night got no better here. pup was vomitting he cwas so distressed. he now skeeps in my room withoutba murmer and no accidents at all overnight ( he is 13 weeks). i crated him today while i bathed ds and he dudnt murmer!, patience and perseverence is the key i think x

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tooearlytobeup Tue 06-Nov-12 19:51:01

Doublemocha It gets better grin

WTFwasthat Tue 06-Nov-12 20:47:38

in fact when i returned from dropping ds at his friends dog was quiet as a mouse in hus crate and dd was in the room on hervlaptop..32 days ago pup would have yelped the place down. Progress indeed [ smile]

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WTFwasthat Tue 06-Nov-12 20:48:14

stupid typing. sorry, am on ipad. i meant 2 days ago!

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Lola0901 Mon 07-Aug-17 08:13:02

We have had puppy nearly two weeks, she cries at stair gate even when she can see you and pees on the floor. We left the house yesterday while she was crated and had doggy app so we could see and hear, she was fine. As soon as we are in the house she cries until we are in the same room. Never had a puppy so needy 😢Help

BiteyShark Mon 07-Aug-17 08:27:05

Lola0901 join the puppy survival thread on here for ongoing support as this is a very old thread.

Have you tried to build up slowly, so step behind the baby gate and reward for being quiet. Move a couple of paces back then go back and reward for quiet etc. So each time you build up the time away on the other side.

Lola0901 Mon 07-Aug-17 17:38:33

Yes we have been trying the stair gate giving her sight of us and moving toward when she is quiet. It's all very different to other puppies we have had, never been so needy and unable to stay alone 😬

Blueant59 Sat 02-Sep-17 14:10:55

I just got a 16 wk yorkie, I've made his crate just to fit like it says, he finishes his last meal around 3pm, he poops afterwards and before he goes to bed at 10 pm but he STILLS poops in his crate at night!! HELP!

Wolfiefan Sat 02-Sep-17 14:16:18

So you need to get up In the night and take him out. He's too small to go all night without going to the toilet.

BiteyShark Sat 02-Sep-17 15:37:14

Blueant59 this is a very old thread. Join the puppy survival thread (we are on part 4) for help and tips. As Wolfie said you are going to have to get up in the night. Some puppies manage all night but most don't. It won't be forever as they grow up and can hold it but for now set an alarm and get up 1-2 times a night initially to take him outside.

Frustrating Thu 28-Mar-19 05:24:54

I have a 8 weeks old puppy which I have had for 4 days he whines all night I've done the puppy training going into the room while he is in the crate coming out and so on the trouble is I work nights and I'm really worried about what can I do...at the moment I have taken holidays so I'm here at night. I'm trying to leave him all through the night which is more or less in possible. I don't have anyone to live in with any suggestions anybody.

Notrusthere Thu 28-Mar-19 06:57:32

I had exactly the same with my puppy OP. He would watch me go upstairs and whine at the stair gate and wee on the floor.

He whined if I left the room, it was very stressful.

I was really worried it was the start of separation anxiety.

I kept leaving him and not making a fuss or even acknowledging him when I came back downstairs or into the room.

He is now fine when we leave, and has been left up to 4 hours (that was only 1 occasion when no other option) but when we got back I listened outside the door and he was completely silent.

He is regularly left for an hour or so and seems fine. I leave him with a kong.

What I have stopped doing is crating him when I'm in the house (apart from at night as he seems to know the difference) it was just winding him.up being able to see me and not get to.me.

adaline Thu 28-Mar-19 07:43:44

This thread is seven years old!

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