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what can I do about recall if my dog is getting deaf?

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SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 16:14:34

Hes always been so good. Just need to hollar his name and he bounds over.

But hes getting a bit aged and i noticed yesterday if hes not in sight line he wasn't aware of me calling him over. Of course he could have been ignoring me.

Anyway. I was wondering if he'd hear a whistle might be better but is he far too old and stubborn to learn?

CollieEye Sun 07-Oct-12 16:18:20

This won't work if he's out of sight. Not got an answer for that one. Someone wise will be along soon smile

I recall my dog when she's far in the distance by standing with my arms outstretched - Angel of the north style. She spots that and bounds over.

Not sure how you'd attract the attention of a deaf dog though...

SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 16:20:36

If i flap his lead he'll come back. But snufling in the undergrowth is getting a problem.

Takver Sun 07-Oct-12 16:46:14

That's funny - I came on here to ask for any tips on training an older dog to come to a whistle.

Ddog (12) has exactly the same problem - he's not completely deaf, but definitely getting harder of hearing. If he's paying attention he hears me call, but if he's got his head in a bush / distracted by something I have to yell my head off to get his attention.

I'd say with him its about 30% selective deafness (why is she calling me? the road isn't for another 100 yards, there's no need for me to stop now . . .) and 70% genuinely not hearing.

So I did think that a whistle would a) be more piercing, and b) stop me sounding like a pillock having to shout full volume across the fields.

Cuebill Sun 07-Oct-12 17:03:40

Whistle a great idea if the dog still has some hearing. Try different pitches to see which works best

Also you can buy vibrating collars - nothing to do with electric shock collars

They literally vibrate like a mobile phone. Get a clicker gently try the collar on a very low setting, click and treat as the collar vibrates. Do this for a while and check the dog is fine with it.

Then when out and about push to make collar vibrate dog runs to you for treat - job done smile

Inthepotty Sun 07-Oct-12 17:17:59

My old boy is completely deaf now at 16, and if he's out of my eye sight I stamp my feet on the floor, this gets him to look up and then he ambles back over. Not really sure why, maybe he can feel vibrations/see me jumping about like a dickhead he doesn't go far anyway so can usually just grab him if need be!

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