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Can you help my friend?

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LoveandLaughter Mon 24-Oct-11 23:13:28

Hi All,
I am trying to help my friend to re-home her two lovely dogs.
This decision has NOT been taken lightly and is due to unforseen circumstances.
The first is a 3yr old Lab Snauzer & the second is a 1 and a half yr old Labradoodle,both are great with children and adults alike.
She is desperate to find them a loving home together, however will consider separating them.
She is also willing to provide approx 6 months dog food for both dogs.
So if you or someone you know is able to provide a loving home, please leave your details and i will pass them onto her.
She would want to visit, for peace of mind.
Kind regards

DogsBeastFiend Tue 25-Oct-11 00:56:16


I'm involved in rescue, absolutely knackered and heading for bed but for tonight can I ask your friend to look at this thread.

It's about taking ON a dog but in the process describes just some of the reasons why you should never advertise or rehome a dog yourself but should approach a reputable no kill rescue.

In your friend's case the best possible start would be for her to contact Barbara at the Labradoodle Trust, who may be willing and able to take both dogs. If she or any other rescue can only take one and your pal has to seek a seperate rescue for the other that's still far preferable to rehoming privately.

If the circumstances are such that your pal may be able to keep her dogs with help, maybe due to illness, temporary housing, the need for the dogs to be trained or advice on behaviour please say and we will all do our best to advise on here. Meantime, goodnight, I'll check back in the morning.

LoveandLaughter Tue 25-Oct-11 13:51:56

Thank you so much for your reply, please could you forward me Barbara's contact details so that i can pass them on to my friend.

DogsBeastFiend Tue 25-Oct-11 21:17:36

Sure can! - Barbara Turnbull, the Labradoodle Trust's Coordination manager. Phone - 01644 470311

HTH. smile

LoveandLaughter Wed 26-Oct-11 00:04:51

Appreciate your input!
Fingers crossed smile

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