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Dog with sore paw - is he faking it!?

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PiggyMad Thu 01-Sep-11 10:06:21

A couple of evenings ago my Shih Tzu started limping and whimpering on his right front paw. We had a good look and couldn't see anything stuck in it, so assume he sprained or twisted it. As he was whimpering we took him into our room to sleep to keep an eye on him (usually gets shut in kitchen overnight).

The next day he was up, jumping about, no issues whatsoever with paw, apart from him jumping up awkwardly at a guest and then letting out a yelp and after that he was fine again - continued playing. Evening came again and we put him to bed - when the crying, whining and holding his paw started again. So we let him come up with us blush

Same thing happened - fine again the next day, the odd yelp but he's walking on it fine, still trying to run upstairs and jump on sofa etc (I do stop him to prevent further injury). Then surprise surprise, bed time comes and he gets put in the kitchen and whines and cries until he comes up to our room and goes out like a light!

What would cause his paw to only hurt at night after he's been fine all day?
He's having me on isn't he!? Likes the comfort of snuggling at the bottom of then bed?!

Saltire Thu 01-Sep-11 10:08:56

If he is yelping during the day, then I would assume there was pain. Ask the vet to have a look.

One of our dogs did similar and it turned out it was something to do with her leg, she's "pulled a muscle" and when she lay down at night it aggravated it

PiggyMad Thu 01-Sep-11 10:14:16

Ah great, I'll make an appointment then.
Didn't want to go if it was psychological!

Saltire Thu 01-Sep-11 10:15:57

If he wasn't yelping than I'd have said maybe psychological! But the fact he does yelp occasionally would make me think pain*.

* I'm not a vet BTW!

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