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Bumpinthenight Thu 21-Jul-11 09:44:23

Posted on the litter tray too.

Just wondering if any of you can help...

We don't have any dogs or cats but our front lawn (last house up a private drive in an estate) is covered in both dog and cat poo. It was cleared about a week ago and yesterday DH cleared about 100 (no joke) bits of poo off it again. He put some "clear off" cats and dog crystals around the lawn but within 30 mins a cat had visited.

Why are they attracted to our lawn? What can we do to prevent these "presents"?

More pissed off that owners have seemingly let their dogs up our drive and onto our garden to poo.

Scuttlebutter Thu 21-Jul-11 10:18:10

There isn't very much you can do about cats, I'm afraid.

However, for dogs, I'd probably consider a CCTV camera and use it to see if you can identify the offenders.

Is it possible for you to fence your front garden?

NewChicken Thu 21-Jul-11 11:37:46

due to your location - last house up a private drive - are you absolutely sure it is dogs poo as i wouldnt have thought you would get that many dogs up there?

for example i have three dogs which produce on average a total of 6 poos a day (i think most dogs if fed a good dry food diet produce about 2 firm, non smelly poos a day). if approx 50& of the poos were from dogs (nowt you can do about cats roaming) that would be about 50 dog poos in a week. is it possible that many dogs pass your garden in a week?

if it is dogs then no excuse for owners not picking it up. in fact their dogs shouldnt be off lead and able to access a private garden in the first place

i only have a border of small shrubs separating my front garden from the road. at the end of my road is a field so we get a lot of dog walkers walking past. in 10 years i have never had a passing dog poo on my lawn. i would not be happy if someone let their dog poo in my garden (would make an exception for oldies and poorly tummies but this has never happened) so can understand how you feel

Bumpinthenight Thu 21-Jul-11 12:03:36

Thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately it isn't possible for us to fence the garden off as it is shared access.

I am sure it is dog poo - it is huge (and smelly)! If it isn't dog/cat poo I have no idea what animal it has come from! We are on a quiet estate so I can well imagine that the dogs are walking off the lead and run up the drive to explore. Really pissed off with it!

Can you get sprinklers that are set off with movement?!

Only on our garden and neighbours also don't have dogs/cats. We've been here for nearly 6 years and this has only happened in the last month.

Scuttlebutter Thu 21-Jul-11 12:20:57

Sounds more like badgers then. See link here for description and pics!

Bumpinthenight Thu 21-Jul-11 12:30:25

Did look like badger poo, but it smelt, according to google badger poo doesn't smell!

Going to set DH on "operation poo watch" and see what animal appears!

Was hoping for some magic cure without having to buy my own cat or dog! Do you think DH can mark his territory?!

girlywhirly Thu 21-Jul-11 13:03:59

I have answered on the litter tray. If not badgers, what about foxes?

chickchickchicken Thu 21-Jul-11 13:07:47

i have chickens and have heard that sprinkling male (human!) wee around the run will deter foxes. so you never know may be worth dh marking his territory as you say!

though i would recommend peeing in a bucket and then sprinkling that around the garden and not the more direct method wink

Bumpinthenight Thu 21-Jul-11 13:30:05

Will keep an eye out to see what it could be.

Thanks chickchickchicken, that made me laugh! If he did the more direct method the cats might get scared if they see his python (worm) and run away!

multitask Thu 21-Jul-11 17:35:38

Could be fox poo, but you will know it is fox poo as it generally tails off and can be a bit hairy!! The other thing I am thinking of and you may laugh is goose poo! Are you close to any corn fields? With the quantity you are discribing and location I find it difficult to believe that it is entirely dog poo, unless you have a mass of dog walkers letting loose dogs off close to your property and fairly early in their walk. Keep us updated on poo watch!!

chickchickchicken Thu 21-Jul-11 19:25:38

yes, do keep us updated on poo watch. we like a poo thread to help others grin

Bumpinthenight Thu 21-Jul-11 20:47:00

I am reliably informed that the poo earlier was not hairy, but did tail off. My friend also suggested a fox when she inspected said poo. It appeared before half eight last night so it was a very brave fox if it was.

Nowhere near any cornfields. We are last in the row of 3 houses up a drive on a close in the middle of a big housing estate.

Will set up "foxcam" and sit next to the window with a hose pipe!

I will take a photo of the next gift!

multitask Thu 21-Jul-11 20:59:07

Oh and if it really stinks - it's Mr Foxy!!

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