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How to react when dog gets out but comes back when called........

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lottiejenkins Mon 06-Jun-11 11:43:10

Just had a horrific few minutes. I just got home with Bumble, i can now leave him in the front garden as well as the back as it has been fenced in. I went to call him in and to my horror i realised that the side gate was open (normally has a bungee rope on it) i went out and was shouting and shouting like a loon for about two minutes. I then went back into the garden to go and phone my friend to come and help me find him. As i walked up the path i heard his collar chinking and he flew through the front gate. I was very angry and shouted at him for getting out and he rushed into the house. sad On reflection now im wondering if i should have praised him for coming back when called??? Advise please............
Ps Side gate is going to be fixed better this afternoon as my nerves can't go thru that again!!!

MotherJack Mon 06-Jun-11 12:21:25

Yes - absolutely you should have praised him. Basically, what you did was tell him off for coming back to you. You can only verbally correct them the split second they do something. He had already got out so that was over and done with in his mind.

If I were you, I would do some recall work with him and praise him, using his favourite doggy treats.

As an aside, you say your front garden is now fenced... can people see him when walking past and/or are they able to open the gate from the pavement side? If so, you should never ever leave your dog unattended in a garden where people can get in. There are people who drive round looking for laboratory animals and bait dogs and a gate is no obstacle.

Scuttlebutter Mon 06-Jun-11 12:39:11

MOther Jack, can you confirm what you've said about stealing for laboratories in the UK is correct? I realise it is a documented problem in the USA but was surprised to read this about the UK.

The general point about dog theft is absolutely correct though.

MotherJack Mon 06-Jun-11 13:01:36

I have read about it on Facebook, Scuttle - so it may well be an import! I'll have a look.....

I've just had a look at the Facebook flyer doing the rounds has a tiny bit on the bottom saying BAFN.... which when googled the only likely source is the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, so yes - you're right, it's American.... although I downloaded the poster and enlarged it and it appears to be an GB number plate on the car behind it.

I love your dedication in searching for the truth, Scuttle. Are you Dana Scully? wink grin

lottiejenkins Mon 06-Jun-11 13:15:56

Thanks for those replies. When i went to work at noon i turned to him before i shut the door and told him to behave while i was gone. He looked at me like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth and did an enormous FART!!!!!!!! grin

Scuttlebutter Mon 06-Jun-11 20:10:05

Lottie then you know he is feeling at home!!!!!

MJ, I'm afraid so. (well, sort of). No TV series yet, but getting at the truth is v important. Feel it is essential when dealing with politicians etc. to present well put together arguments, based on factually correct examples, with as much statistical evidence as possible. blush I am a stats geek. Also, particularly when dealing with animal cruelty, the truth is out there, and is often horrifying, strange and heart breaking. No need for importing/making things up/spreading strange memes. Although it's hugely fascinating to see how and why they do spread.

MotherJack Mon 06-Jun-11 23:18:20

No need to be blush about being a facts geek Scuttle. I need to check my ability to forward on Facebook stuff after accepting it at face value - swayed by the fact that I know dogs get stolen for bait/stolen to breed etc and in my day and age animals were nicked for labs (as I understood it - and there was no internet then).

It's good to question. Especially, as you say, the truth is awful enough.

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