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Farewell Big Brother- What do we do now !!!!! (wiping tears away)

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jamboure Sat 13-Aug-05 07:13:29

11 weeks we have all come so close in our debating through housemates.

What are we going to do?????

I feel so sad

Will miss you all

Need a new daily thread now

But Wahey go Anthony. Didn't like though in his interview when he said Eugene was pretty much out of order for taking the dosh I would have

compo Sat 13-Aug-05 07:31:24

I guess at least he was honest though. I thought it was appalling the way Makosi was chanted at. I thought she was a great housemate. I don't think some of her lies were that bad. Maybe she said she was a virgin at first because she wasn't sure how much she wanted her parents to know when she went on TV. The pool thing though was bizarre. But her secret missions were so enteetaining I didn't think she deserved that reception and i don't think Davina helped by putting her on the spot.

Kelly1978 Sat 13-Aug-05 07:32:51

me too

I wonder if Eugene hadn't taken the cash, if he might have won. It seemed to be very close. Anthony maybe should consider that.

compo Sat 13-Aug-05 07:35:10

Did you see the programme before the final that had Jade on it? 8 out of 10 cats? Do you think she was pretending not to know who George Bush is?!

Kaz33 Sat 13-Aug-05 08:01:14

Anthony won then did he - no suprise, he was so cocksure he would win. Just shows you the public like there winners good looking and not too bright.

Well done Eugene, for taking half the dosh - well done for pissing off Anthony.

basketcase Sat 13-Aug-05 08:04:04

Oh BB, I will miss you - how many months till BB celeb? do we know who is in it yet?

basketcase Sat 13-Aug-05 08:09:43

Anthony - he really peed me off near the end. When Eugene took the money (sensible boy) he was really off with him syaing how he would have done something different. Then he went into Diary Room and found out that Eugene didn’t know about the £200k bit and said clearly "oh well, I would have taken the money then as well" - thick lad hadn’t worked out that Eugene knew nothing. Immediately I thought "aah - poor old Anthony, got it wrong, not very bright, but at last he can go and be nice to Eugene now and apologise/explain why he had been off with him" - but NO! He just mopes. Convinced he is going to win, annoyed that Eugene has taken £150k away from him Grrrrr. THEN, to top off his duplicit greediness, when Davina interviewed him last night AGAIN he said that he would not have taken the money...make your mind up boy...shame

I love Davina, she coems across as a great personality but she is a terrible interviewer. She never really pushes them into answering what the public are dying to know and lets them get away with far too much

jasper Sat 13-Aug-05 08:40:12

wise words basketcase.

bambi06 Sat 13-Aug-05 09:19:39

i`m already getting withdrawal symptoms

bubblerock Sat 13-Aug-05 09:26:07

We can have a little break until 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' in the autumn and then 'celebrity big brother' in January

Once we get into September TV will get better though - Summer telly is so dire!! (apart from BB of course)

jamboure Sat 13-Aug-05 10:19:02

well we do have x factor starting soon maybe that could be our new daily updates

stacijc Sat 13-Aug-05 10:25:13

dunno about u but i'll b looking for my house under all the dust/ironing/washing etc that has built up while i have been glued to BB!!!

Bring on I'm a celeb!!!

jenk1 Sat 13-Aug-05 10:35:43

whens im a celebrity due to start-anyone?

Eugenius Sat 13-Aug-05 10:47:38

X-Factor starts on the 20th

Celebrity BB in January

can't say I'm that sad it's over - I can get my life back - it was worse than mn

As usual the ones who the public deem more deserving get flirted and we're left with the dregs. The fact that Makosi got 46% of the vote the week Vanessa went (she got 20 something) just shows how twisted the prog is becoming. It should be a viewer vote every week and let the housemates nominate who THEY would like to go (which of course is not necessarily the publics choice) - I think it could work.

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