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Davina's new show!.........

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swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 20:28:52

Looks quite good!!!!

"he's having a baby" is an exciting new show for BBC1 hosted by Davina McCall. Over 10 weeks the show will follow eight young men on their very different journeys to becoming first time dads. Not only that, all their babies will be born within the ten week run of the show. Each week we'll be setting the lads a Dad Assignment, which will give them a taste of what's to come as their kids grow up. Join Davina for Saturday's LIVE show to meet the boys and to catch up on their week and to see how they got on in their Dad Assignments.

Being filmed until october but prob one to watch out for!!

spacecadet Sat 06-Aug-05 20:39:59

when i read the first few words i thought the blokes were giving birth

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