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6 Feet Under - Nate is dead - I am devastated....

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sunchowder Mon 01-Aug-05 16:52:10

He died last night, think it was a cerebral hemmorage. I have been in a daze all morning, he slept with George's daughter and told Brenda it was over....I can't believe it. What is Brenda going to do? She is pregnant and what will happen to Maya? I just can't stop thinking about it.

jane313 Mon 01-Aug-05 17:04:36

Is this the new series in america? Perhaps you should have not included it in the thread title as some people hate knowing the plot in advance!

CountessDracula Mon 01-Aug-05 17:05:22

ooh sunny you'll be in the poo for this one

sunchowder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:09:11

Opps! I thought with Sky and all that you were watching it at the same time we were......I came for solace and now.....OMG. Sorry in advance then, flog me.

spidermama Mon 01-Aug-05 17:10:56

Oh no! Plot spoilt for me then.

ScummyMummy Mon 01-Aug-05 17:13:05

No! I love Nate.

sunchowder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:24:12

I do too, it has upset me alot--I can't even focus on work today.

anorak Mon 01-Aug-05 17:26:13

He can't be dead. I won't have it.

Don't tell us any more, Sunny. Please!

sunchowder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:29:52

Promise I won't--I swear that I thought you had this at the same time as we did, I would never do that. I have no one to discuss this with and I am gutted....shall I have the thread removed then?

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