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Was 'four weddings' on this week?

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thaliablogs Wed 19-Aug-09 00:29:21

Nothing in my sky plus and I'm devastated (yes, slight exaggeration). It's my weds early-am treat during the endless night feed. Can't see any repeats until the new one next Monday.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes Wed 19-Aug-09 00:37:09

yes it was on yesterday and repeated today, if you use you can check for another repeat.

thaliablogs Wed 19-Aug-09 01:04:38

Thank you! What a spectacularly useful site. Plenty of repeats so all is not lost. Wonder what my skyplus was up to.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes Wed 19-Aug-09 01:25:24


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