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Anyone know when series 7 of Grey's Anatomy starts?

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ThePhantomPlopper Fri 19-Jun-09 14:17:05

I'm assuming Living will still have it.

Series 6 started a couple of weeks after 5 finished, is it going to be the same?

Pinkjenny Fri 19-Jun-09 14:19:42

The one being shown on Living is series 5. Will have a google around for it!

Highlander Fri 19-Jun-09 15:21:47

when is it back on terrestrial/freeview?

I think Channel 5 got as far as series 3? (end of esxams and thingy having cold feet about wedding to Burke)

ThePhantomPlopper Fri 19-Jun-09 15:30:45

Oh yes it's 5 not 6.

ThePhantomPlopper Fri 19-Jun-09 15:32:33

September 24 for America so it's going to be later for us Brits.


Flynnie Fri 19-Jun-09 16:09:30

Series 6 probably won't be on Living until next year as it ony premiers in US in Septembersad What will we all doooooo?!!{wail}

Flynnie Fri 19-Jun-09 16:10:08

Oh x-post.

gibbberish Fri 19-Jun-09 16:13:19

Next year? shock

I was hysterical last night watching it.

All the good programmes have finished - Lost, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, 24, Prison Break... <sigh>

At least House is back on.

ThePhantomPlopper Fri 19-Jun-09 19:02:42

We're only 3 episodes behind the States now, so hopefully we'll get it in October! I'm not waiting until next year. Its only June!

Might have to start watching Private Practice for a fix.

wintera Sat 20-Jun-09 09:03:17

Haven't watched Grey's for ages, went off it when George and Izzy got together so haven't seen the new episodes. But caught a snippet of one the other night and I thought Meredith looked pregnant. Is she preggers in the show or hiding a real life pregnancy maybe?

wintera Sat 20-Jun-09 18:20:19

Am answering my own question! Yes she is pregnant apparently -

ThePhantomPlopper Sun 21-Jun-09 15:21:26

Yes she's pregnant and Lexie has just given birth in RL too.

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