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Nina and the Neurons

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beardydad Thu 11-Jun-09 21:23:50

When the new series is on, put your hand flat on the tv screen... You can actually feel her shame.
Imagine the scene with her agent "Well I know you're a serious actor and have been in Taggart, but here's the fee for the next series of Nina. Sign here please"
"Thanks for signing. Oh I nearly forgot, they've written a song for you to sing each episode too."
I can't bring myself to look in her eyes when she's singing!

Meglet Thu 11-Jun-09 21:38:22

the songs are annoying me a bit.

but i did enjoy learning about keys today grin

kif Thu 11-Jun-09 21:43:51

Aww - I love Nina.

The science is actually quite good. I'm sure I read somewhere she's a bona fide science grad. She might well think it's a very satisfying job.

wheresclaire Thu 11-Jun-09 21:48:01

I always wonder the same about Bobbie in Riverseafingle. I mean, she was in Corrie!!! I also remember seeing Pui in The Bill...

Divatheshopaholic Thu 11-Jun-09 21:53:29

i think Nina had botox on her forehead this series, seems to move and wrinkle less.

wheresclaire Thu 11-Jun-09 22:00:44

But Nina is interesting! i learn so much from her! And Auntie Mabel. I found out yesterday how they get the lead in a pencil...

catinthehat2 Thu 11-Jun-09 22:20:11

OK Beardy.

I've put my hand flat on my computer screen, and I can feel that you or a close relative attended the same educational establishment or worked with Ms N Neuron in the distant past. And that there's schadenfreude involved somewhere.


beardydad Thu 11-Jun-09 22:34:48

Erm. Cith2 I am from deepest Surrey, I -think- Nina might be Scottish? So no, no past of any sort with a fictitious scientist.
But as Come Outside is must be at least 15 years old I need some sort of 'how it's made' prog to watch, but not one where they zoom in on a slightly shiney forehead.
We-eee love inv-en-ting!

catinthehat2 Thu 11-Jun-09 23:04:35

Bah! Mystic Mog fail.

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