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Can someone tell me why Corrie has to always have a woman in unfeasibly large spectacles in it?

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Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 22:23:07

I mean, what do they think, they'll lose ratings if one member of the cast isn't sporting extremely large and unflattering glasses? They got rid of Deirdre's trademark a couple of years ago, then started wriggling with discomfort about the lack of a blonde with bad spectacles. So now poor ole Claire has got to have them, even though surely nobody would buy those glasses nowadays given the fact that her and Ashley have a double income and she's in her twenties? Am I the only one who has a turn every time she comes into a scene?

colditz Sat 30-Apr-05 22:24:10

Are you, perhaps, a bit bored?

tamum Sat 30-Apr-05 22:25:28

An interesting way of looking at it

I was just wondering what the hell they were playing at with Claire the other night. She's gone from being really pretty and quite glam to frumpy and frankly a bit, well, weird.

Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 22:25:55

LOL! Yes, I think maybe I should go to bed!

But dd pee'd in it this afternoon, so I have to change the sheets and I'm putting it off...

snafu Sat 30-Apr-05 22:26:00

Oh god, has Claire still got that awful beige duffle coat?

Calmriver Sat 30-Apr-05 22:26:30

Thats so funny!!!!!!!!

tamum Sat 30-Apr-05 22:27:34

You're so classy Caligula

Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 22:33:06

I try, Tamum, I try...

Now to hunt out the spare mattress protector!

Calmriver Sat 30-Apr-05 22:33:32

Don't you all love Sean?

tamum Sat 30-Apr-05 22:34:47

He was superb in the bingo scene on Friday, it has to be said.

Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 22:41:13

What was he in before? The actor is very familiar, but I can't think why.

Calmriver Sat 30-Apr-05 22:44:08

Not sure, but he is just great!So HIMSELF!!!

TinyGang Sat 30-Apr-05 22:58:21

Iknow!! Poor Claire! How many girls her age spend their time hanging around wimpy men, TRAMS(??) ffs!, wearing unfeasibly HUGE bins and generally behaving like they're 60.

Hmm..I'm sure I used to spend Saturday nights doing something other than discussing corrie and comtemplating sleep. What was it now?'s gone!

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