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Hollyoaks, tell me what happens

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gscrym Thu 07-Apr-05 19:34:39

I have a horrible feeling this is all going to get drawn out ala Toby the serial killer. Do they find Tom and has the child actors contract been renewed if you know what I mean.

laneydaye Thu 07-Apr-05 19:47:43

supposedly toms down a hole connected to lots of little holes so they have to be carefull getting him out (if he is there)

ben fell down the stairs ha ha ha... broke his leg again... dope...

and the deans are all playing happy families

pretty much it i think....

whimsy Thu 07-Apr-05 19:57:41

I thought he was found at his mom's grave by Mandy, but then social services want to take him into care.

oooggs Thu 07-Apr-05 20:17:51

Yes Mandy finds him hiding at their mothers grave. Not sure on anything else

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