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how long after their afternoon nap starts do you realise....

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treacletart Sun 20-Feb-05 13:40:10

... you dont need to have kids tv on? Proves we watch much too much television in our house, but DH and I reckon on an average of 12 minutes. Are we alone?

MarsLady Sun 20-Feb-05 14:02:52

No you are not alone. It's walking down the road singing the something special theme tune aloud or breaking into the Fimbles theme tune at Sainsburys that convinces me that we watch too much. I reckon it's the same length of time for us too.

paolosgirl Sun 20-Feb-05 14:15:56

No. you're not alone. Also - I often find I've driven for miles listening to nursery rhymes - without the kids in the car!

coldtea Sun 20-Feb-05 14:57:44

LOL at this. I stood & ironed for an hour watching cbeebies the other day before i realised what i was doing!!

woodpops Mon 21-Feb-05 09:09:45

LOL, I often drive to work with the nursery rhyme cd on after dropping the kids off at nursery. Luckily ds (3) loves the sisscor sisters at the mo and is always requesting that cd

Dozeymagz Mon 21-Feb-05 15:28:13

Phew! - so it's not only me then! It only just dawned on me the other day that there are channels other that CBeebies!

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 21-Feb-05 15:31:55


When my MIL has been babysitting she'll automatically put CBeebies on in a morning without realising that dd isn't actually there!

She said last time she did it, it was on until lunch time without her realising!

How many of you used to stand swaying from side to side even when you were'nt holding your baby then?

tortoiseshell Mon 21-Feb-05 15:34:17

lol newbarnsleygirl - a friend of mine said she realised she was baby obssessed when she started rocking the bread in the supermarket.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 21-Feb-05 15:36:46

LOL, how long was it until she realised?!

tortoiseshell Mon 21-Feb-05 15:37:10

I think her husband prodded her hard before she started patting it over her shoulder!

DaddyCool Mon 21-Feb-05 15:37:40

this is very common. i've watched kids programs well into the evening and DW recorded the first ever episode of Thomas the Tank Engine the other day because she thought i might want to see it!

i used to rock back and forth constantly when DS was very small.

woodpops Mon 21-Feb-05 15:48:20

You don't fancy the Fat Controller as well daddycool

treacletart Mon 21-Feb-05 15:58:32

Glad we're not alone.....I also quite often gently sway about active birth style at the checkout, whilst patting my tummy - I do it unconsciously, but its great to let strangers think theres a legitamate reason for my outsize middle

scampadoodle Mon 21-Feb-05 16:06:01

I have to conciously stop myself from saying "Oh, look poppet, a digger!" when I'm out by myself & pass roadworks!

DaddyCool Mon 21-Feb-05 16:09:15

no woodpops, i don't fancy the fat controller but i would date him if it meant i could get to naomi some how ie: if they were friends.

Tommy Mon 21-Feb-05 16:21:49

DH and I often shout "Look, a cow" when we're driving along and know damn well the the DSs are asleep in the back and can't see it anyway....

coldtea Mon 21-Feb-05 18:58:23

Daddycool , my friend went to school with Naomi Don't think they were friends but she was at the last school reunion i believe...

coldtea Mon 21-Feb-05 18:59:28

I asked my husband recently to pull over at the next garage & he asked if i needed a 'wee wee'!

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