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Evan Davis. He's everywhere

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bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 15:46:06

and is he in the process of growing a goatee or has he always sported a barely-there one? i'd never noticed it before Monday night's news, when it made me laugh immoderately, but it seemed to have disappeared by Tuesday. however, it was there again last night on Dragons' Den. (which is great, no?)

gingerbear Wed 19-Jan-05 15:48:26

Is it just me, or does he look like Wayne Sleep??

bundle Wed 19-Jan-05 15:49:04

haven't seen dragon's den,what is it?
i'm a big evan fan (dh prefers jeff randall, who i think is a bit too dodgy car salesman with shiny suit to report business noos properly) - he's second only to andrew marr (not in a sexual way, you must understand) in getting me to understand even dull stories.
i think the goatee is a mistake btw. all beards are (imo)

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 15:49:22

yes, i see what you mean. also, like something from middle earth. and star wars.

bundle Wed 19-Jan-05 15:50:36

a lot taller than wayne though

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 15:55:21

dragon's den is terrific, entrepreneurs go up infront of a panel of hard-boiled investors and beg for their money. then investors mercilessly tear their projects to shreds. last night a lady proposed cardboard garden furniture, hmm, wonder why they didn't go for that one.
yes, evan is a really good broadcaster. he's so energetic. beard is weird though (and, I fear, fatally distracting, i will never listen to another word he says as long as it's on his chin).

bundle Wed 19-Jan-05 15:58:49

i think i've seen that trailed but switched off due to reality tv overload...maybe i'll give it a try if you recommend it.
re: beards, i feel the same about dangly earrings on reporters/newsreaders, i just can't take my eyes off them (in horror)

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 16:08:59

i like it. it's about the strength of ideas rather than personalities. though the personalities are amusing too.

everyone comes second to Andrew Marr in a sexual way IMO.

jolou1 Wed 19-Jan-05 16:13:50

Evan's nickname in the BBC is tinseltits! My DH1 has a big soft spot for Declan on BBC Breakfast. Very odd.

jolou1 Wed 19-Jan-05 16:15:06

Mean't to say DS1 has a soft spot...not DH! oops

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 16:15:57

ooh, do tell, am i being stupid, jolou?
didn't declan once save someone from drowning while doing a piece to camera? he just ran off and leapt in and rescued them from a lake or something.

jolou1 Wed 19-Jan-05 16:17:20

That sounds very familiar, but it may be apocryphal (sp?) However Evan earns his nickname from a pair of natty nipple rings I gather!

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:17:42

I would like, please, to tell you that the first time I met the very lovely Mr Davis he was wearing nothing but a dressing gown.

Andrew Marr <sigh>

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 16:17:45

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:18:17

I quite like Jeff R for some bizarre reason.

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 16:18:39

to both Jolou and MI's input i should add. don't know where to start.

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:18:44

AND it was in the room of someone who subsequently became an MEP.

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jan-05 16:20:07

did you see evan's nipples?

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:22:51

Unfortunately no.

I should perhaps explain that we were all students at the time, and I'd gone round to see one friend (the future MEP) and Evan (who lived in the same student house) dropped by.

He took me to a 'brown rice' evening at the same college as well, a couple of months later. Being a rather cultured type - and also, at that time, a member of the SDP - he ordered a bottle of wine with the rice. Then I went off to a meeting of my CND 'affinity group' and ended up so drunk I had a two-day hangover.

Frizbe Wed 19-Jan-05 16:22:55


bundle Wed 19-Jan-05 16:26:38

have seen martyn davies' (the itv weather man) nipples, he didn't have a dressing room at tvs where i worked int he newsroom and frequently got changed in front of the whole office. also fern (britton) used to show off her bras, but they weren't quite as voluminous back then...

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:29:37

Tell me, do newsreaders REALLY read the news wearing tracky bottoms, or indeed naked from the waist down?

Anchovy Wed 19-Jan-05 16:42:12

I have a very embarassing Evan Davis story - still makes me laugh and . I saw him at Earls Court tube station and I thought he was one of DH's friends: pretty much they all generically look like that. The tube doors just opened and he was there right in front of me. I said - as I jumped on the tube - "Great to see you. I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch. I'll give you a ring, ok". I think I also touched him on the arm as I said it in a sincere yet jaunty manner. That evening I was telling DH that I'd bumped into someone, couldn't quite remember who, but it would come back to me. Then the 10 o'clock news came on and it slowly dawned on me exactly who it was.... DH still refers to him as "my mate" on an almost daily basis.

MI - was he at university at the same time as us - don't remember him at all. Patrick Marber who wrote "Closer" was in my year doing the same subject. Pah!

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:49:17

He was at St Johns doing PPE from 1981. They were a very high-powered and pretty close-knit bunch.

I was at a charity premiere of 101 Dalmations for work a few years back and saw a bloke I distinctly recognised. He's someone's boyfriend, I thought, I know him, she's obviously brought him round to a party because I know we've sat on my sofa drinking beer.

And then I realised that sofas, and beer, had indeed been involved but I'd been on mine drinking beer and he - being Martin Clunes - had been doing the same on telly

Anchovy Wed 19-Jan-05 17:09:15

But did you touch him on the arm? I'm still just thinking of it!

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