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What's the name of that sling in bringing up baby?

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Easywriter Tue 02-Oct-07 22:53:11

The one that is being used by the parents doing the continuum method? It looks ace.

themothership Tue 02-Oct-07 22:56:48

It looked like a hugababy (the ring sling) but they also had a wrap sling - there are loads of different sorts of both types. This is a good site about the range of slings available...

LittlePoopsy Tue 02-Oct-07 22:59:48

think it might be the 'baba sling' which you can get from

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 02-Oct-07 23:08:23

One of the women on my PN thread did a sling model shoot and the slings were hired from the continuum concept guru, I believe.

She posted this link

Easywriter Tue 02-Oct-07 23:15:09

Thanks everyone, it's the ring slings that I liked the look of.

I'm off to investigate further.

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Wed 03-Oct-07 19:25:13


I am the one that did some modeling for the sling featured on 'Bringing up Baby'
(see the link below from Diasy)
There is a bit on the website about Claire Scott - she designed the sling with her business partner.

The sling is so fab, really comfy and can be worn many different ways for babies from birth up to 2 years old.

I hope you get one - they are the best (IMHO)

Emprexia Wed 03-Oct-07 19:56:15

I have a babasling, and its really comfy, although that one looks even better!

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