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MrsMidgeMaisel Sat 04-Jan-20 17:57:37

Anyone else going to watch this? It looks fabulously weird but I've watched some clips of the one in the states. They have had some quite high calibre singers / stars so I have high hopes grin

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TravellingSpoon Sat 18-Jan-20 19:20:28

Tree = Peter Shilton who played at Forest in goal.

TildaTurnip Sat 18-Jan-20 19:20:53

Tree. Peter Shilton.

TeaAndBisquits Sat 18-Jan-20 19:20:55

Natalie Imbruglia?

Taddda Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:02

Natalie imbruglia (!?)

itswinetime Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:08

Natalie umbrulia- that is not how you spell her name I know.

Could the link be Jason not neighbours so someone who has been in a show with him or ... I don't really know what Jason has been doing since then I can't see Kylie doing this show maybe if it was successful in a few years time

GeordieTerf Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:07

I think Tree will lose tonight. Wrong song choice sadly.

Taddda Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:43

@TeaAndBisquits smile

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:50

OK, I reckon Peter Shilton now...

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:21:54

That was awful grin

Starburst8 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:22:13

Kylie did have a makeup range.

No idea who tree is. Thinking a goalie? Nottingham forest when he made the comment about trees etc

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:22:44

Bloody awful singing!

Taddda Sat 18-Jan-20 19:22:46

Tree is definitely a sportsman I've definitely not heard of....

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:23:33

Ah, I see he thinks Shilton, too...

xmaself24 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:23:41

Deffo Peter Shelton

itswinetime Sat 18-Jan-20 19:23:52

Kylie did have a makeup range.

Not that made her first million surely

Imadreamer100 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:24:25

Is anyone else getting irritated by the judge who always knows 'exactly who it is' ? It was slightly funny the first time but not at all now!

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:24:34

It is. It is Shilts.

NoisyBrain Sat 18-Jan-20 19:25:46

I reckon it's Stuart Pearce.
And also, I cant believe I'm watching this again grin

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:26:19

Yes!! Ima he has annoyed me from the beginning

itswinetime Sat 18-Jan-20 19:26:51

Surely someone feed that to him who did the American get that!

Starburst8 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:27:03

@itswine Oh I missed the clues, I just read a comment on here about cosmetics. So was just saying she did.
But yes you're right, I doubt it did.

Taddda Sat 18-Jan-20 19:27:31

Well Davina just said 'I cant believe we didnt get that' it's not going to be any names they come out with....

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:27:43

Who's doing a new thread!? OP , are you here??

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:28:03

They show that Davin bit every week, though...

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:28:12

@Imadreamer100 YES!!!
I said downthread that I turn him down every time!!

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