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CBBC My Life, I am Leo. anyone see it?

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meglet Tue 18-Nov-14 09:18:47

It was on yesterday at 6pm. Lovely documentary about a lad who had had gender reassignment.

It was very touching, but made so well that my dc's didn't see it a big deal, they just asked a few questions and accepted it.

joanneahrens Sun 23-Nov-14 12:38:49

I dont feel its necessary for children to know or understand about gender reassignment. I would not let my son watch a dispatches story about gender reassignment and i certainly dont expect it from a channel he should be watching blue peter on. I didnt see it and im sure it was good. It doesnt offend me at all i have a friend who is going through the process. I just think its unneccessary to invite children into that world. The child who was going throught the ordeal started his life confused and it probably wont end there. I have no intention of confusing any of my children. I will answer any questions they have if they come into contact with someone who is struggling with their gender.

falgelednl Sun 23-Nov-14 13:14:58

I watched it with my two DDs who really enjoyed it. I have two transgender friends so my girls already know that not everyone is born in the right type of body. I liked that the programme didn't go into specifics of gender reassignment but did show how tough it can be for society to accept that a child knows they are in the wrong type if body. I liked how accepting his secondary school had been but found it sad that his primary school had struggled and that this had made it harder for him. I thought he was very lucky to have such a supportive mum although it did show that not everyone was so accepting.
I like children's programmes that introduce and discuss such issues. My girls are 8 and 5 and I don't think it was inappropriate for them - but then, we watch TV together. I am not sure I would have watched it had someone else's child been here as I respect that they may not want their child to watch this without them.

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