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ITV3 The Children - anyone watching?

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holycowwhatnow Tue 25-Feb-14 22:49:23

Just that really. Finding it quite slow but still can't stop watching. Can't believe how naive these parents are to be starting their new relationships without thinking out the effects on the children. I feel really sorry for Jack. Feels like noone's thinking about him.

Jakadaal Tue 25-Feb-14 22:51:22

I am and feel so sorry for Jack - still so young. Adults are not shown in a good light really hmm

holycowwhatnow Tue 25-Feb-14 23:05:15

O god, poor Jack. This is awful. Can't imagine parents firghting NOT to have their child.

Maggie42 Fri 28-Feb-14 09:44:16

Are parents really this selfish, those poor kids! Anyone who watched, that is going through or been through a separation please take note and hopefully some kids will be saved from this nightmare life.
On another point. What a terrible ending, who did it anyway the writers of this piece ( which was very good up until the end, ) take note terrible terrible ending. What happened did you just run out if time!!!!

holycowwhatnow Fri 28-Feb-14 15:39:42

I hated the ending too, far too ambiguous. I presume it was the girlfriend, Tash, who did it. There was no need for to to end like that. What was the point of it?

slic Wed 14-Jan-15 16:58:15

I missed the ending as recording cut off just as Jack & Tash were tussling with her in back garden.... Did I miss much???

ShadowSpiral Fri 16-Jan-15 07:18:27

The ending was horrible. Far too inconclusive. Like the writers didn't really care who the killer was.

UhOhChongo Fri 16-Jan-15 22:13:53

Is this a Zombie thread, to use terminology I learnt from AIBU? Anyways I'm glad to see this drama up for discussion as it was recently re-shown and raises many questions that were perhaps a bit before their time.

ShadowSpiral Fri 16-Jan-15 23:02:15

Well, there's less than 10 posts and the show's just been repeated on TV, so i don't think it matters too much if it's a zombie thread.

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