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Katie Hopkins on This Week

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PontOffelPock Thu 09-Jan-14 23:53:10

I can't believe how rude she is being to Diane Abbott! Please BBC don't give her airtime on shows like this - its just plain annoying!

sixpencesings Thu 09-Jan-14 23:56:42

I think it smacks of desperation when tv programs choose to include her.

sixpencesings Thu 09-Jan-14 23:57:38

Tv programmes or any media IMO.

SavoyCabbage Thu 09-Jan-14 23:58:00

It's agonising. I can't believe she's allowed to talk to people.

SwedishEdith Fri 10-Jan-14 00:00:56

She adds nothing to any debate. Just lies and made-up anecdotes. And what was that eye thing she kept doing? grin

PontOffelPock Fri 10-Jan-14 00:03:15

I've complained to the BBC and encourage others to do the same. This Week is a high quality (but yes admittedly light hearted) programme and she just completely stifled the debate. So irritated!

thecatfromjapan Fri 10-Jan-14 00:10:57

I've seen her (and her ilk) called a Professional Troll on mumsnet. I think that's about the sum of it.

It is depressing. But, as she herself will say, she makes a decent living from it.

Thatballwasin Fri 10-Jan-14 00:11:00

Well, she's there because we talk about her but I agree she shouldn't be allowed on something like This Week. She was obviously desperate to get a rise out of Diane who was clearly equally determined to resist. They have guests from all backgrounds but I've seen anyone so rude and dismissive before, surely the editors don't want that? She just spouted crap while dismissing facts, accusing Diane of generalising with labels while warbling "people have had enough". Added nothing but more Internet hits.

chucks the troll another MaccyD

PicklePicklePickle Fri 10-Jan-14 00:15:27

She is a people who are working should not have their rent topped up by housing benefit....they should live in a cheaper area. Ha ha ha. Yes love....I am this person. I work, I get hb. I also live in a council house. Rent in my city doesn't get any cheaper than this. What would she like me to do??? I am about to start a job which is full time and better pay but I will still be eligible. I am happy to better myself, I am happy to work. England is bloody expensive!

Itreallyistimetochangethings Fri 10-Jan-14 00:23:40

Obnoxious Woman !!!

funnyossity Fri 10-Jan-14 09:08:14

It was the desperate flirting with Portillo that had me turning over again and again. Very odd woman.

mammmamia Fri 10-Jan-14 09:31:58

She strikes me as one of those people who exists purely to provoke a reaction. A bit like Liz Jones.

funnyossity Fri 10-Jan-14 10:33:01

I also was reminded of Peter Andre, as in why is this person clogging up the airwaves? - I don't get it!

Another example of Broken Britain (breaks out tiny violin)- people getting money for old rope. The best thing would be if we could export her and help the balance of trade, perhaps offload her to the US as a shock jock..

maggiethecat Sun 12-Jan-14 01:31:34

Hilarious that she might consider herself in the group of hardworking people doing legitimate, honest work.

Merel Sun 12-Jan-14 01:33:23

You do realise that in a round about way you are promoting her, don't you?

You never heard the term 'Don't feed the trolls'?

merrymouse Sun 12-Jan-14 09:21:34

I always get the impression that when she does interviews talking about being an employer she means she gets somebody around from Ovenu sometimes.

'This Week' producers, I understand that getting in politicians and people with proper jobs week after week must be dull, dull, dull. However, if you want to get a reality TV star on, could you maybe try somebody from TOWIE?

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