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The Escape Artist - BBC1

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difficultpickle Tue 29-Oct-13 21:44:32

Seems quite creepy but in a good way.

brainwashed Sat 16-Nov-13 17:56:48

I'm just disappointed I didn't know when they were filming this...the beach scenes are very very local to me!

Davros Sat 16-Nov-13 19:05:13

It was definitely not coincidence that DT saw him in that pub

IamMummyhearmeROAR Sat 16-Nov-13 22:25:32

Was it Canty Bay Brainwashed? When I taught in Edinburgh years ago we used to take our infant classes there for their summer trip. Looked very familiar to me

difficultpickle Sat 16-Nov-13 23:17:00

Why is Sophie so cross that DT was going to get off? I would have thought she was glad Foyle was dead.

sparklysilversequins Sat 16-Nov-13 23:19:37

I don't know if she was cross, she just wanted to win, to find the flaw in his plan, to be Number one.

sleepdodger Sat 16-Nov-13 23:34:43

Just finished smileTxhing shock

sleepdodger Sat 16-Nov-13 23:35:03


difficultpickle Sun 17-Nov-13 10:16:52

I thought the last episode was incredibly contrived. It made me wonder whether it was supposed to have five or six episodes but it got cut before production started and everything had to be crammed into the last episode. Shame as the first two episodes were excellent.

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