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Jonathan Ross - look now

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Earlybird Fri 02-Jun-06 22:50:45

Preston and Chantelle are on. Has she had a boob job? Hate her makeup. She doesn't even look like herself...

Aero Fri 02-Jun-06 22:53:28

She looks tired.

velcrobott Fri 02-Jun-06 22:56:27

Why are they even on... they are just nothing.... what's their news? Reasons to be there????

Earlybird Fri 02-Jun-06 22:57:43

She looks different - she's had something done...or else has very odd makeup.

threelittlebabies Fri 02-Jun-06 23:42:59

I thought that re her makeup, couldn't put my finger on what was different about her, but thought she looked odd.

tenalady Fri 02-Jun-06 23:43:34

Err looking odd can sometimes mean pregnant!

WelshBoris Fri 02-Jun-06 23:43:47

her eyebrows were weird

threelittlebabies Fri 02-Jun-06 23:45:43

Weren't they?! She looked very different, and a bit of a chubbier face now you come to mention it....

Turquoise Fri 02-Jun-06 23:46:14

She looked stoned to me. Also was sitting very wierdly in the green room sticking her tits out.

Jon Bon Jovi's lost his horniness

Earlybird Fri 02-Jun-06 23:48:08

She definitely looked bustier - maybe heavier? Also, think she's prettier when natural - the dark eye makeup didn't do her any favours, IMO. She also seemed to lack spontaneity, and to be self conscious - nerves perhaps? Maybe just an off night...

But, Jon Bon Jovi seemed like he was going to fall asleep on the sofa....he said he was hungover, and he certainly was anything but dynamic.

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