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Great British Menu

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LIZS Wed 31-May-06 18:44:48

Am I alone in thinking it a bit odd that the public has to vote for each course in isolation rather than select a whole menu, as they would in a restaurant.

LIZS Wed 31-May-06 20:01:06

Seem to be well and truely alone lol !

liath Wed 31-May-06 20:03:47

They could potentially end up with a slightly odd menu, couldn't they.

I am enjoying it, though - some chefs so entertainingly arrogant!! The food looks fab.

mancmum Wed 31-May-06 20:04:19

I am with you -- and how can they say there will be 4 chefs cooking -- if Richard Corrigan is already in 2 vote offs, he could win them both?

However, have loved watching it -- I was really tempted to give some of the recipes a go until I saw how much work there was in them!!

Atul Kutchers menu has been best for me by far -- eally want to go to his place!

LIZS Wed 31-May-06 20:33:10

Agree some fo the food looks very tasty - lamb or venison , mmmm! Very restricted voting , just one hour after each programme online ro by phone, so wonder if it will really reflect a public choice ,especially if as you say they are only supposed to have one course each.

eenywifemum Thu 01-Jun-06 12:17:37

Atul is my fav as well and I am dying to eat at his restaurant. I hate gary rhodes so am so happy he did not get through but I do worry about the menu!

Bomper Thu 01-Jun-06 20:24:34

I thought all the puds looked yuk today, apart from the syrup sponge and custard. Could happily eat that every day!!!

RTKangaMummy Thu 01-Jun-06 20:39:48

I voted online loads of times for michael from South West

mancmum Fri 02-Jun-06 20:30:56

well wasn't the outcome dull dull dull.. smoked salmon and bread, fish/cockles/otail (urh) venison and then worst thing ever custard tart -- yuck -- after some of the divine things made... you end up with custard tart -- I would leave the meal if I was Liz!!

Salamander Mon 05-Jun-06 12:26:44

This show was a bit of a letdown on all fronts.


My wife and I called this show 'Fake Masterchef' and did try and watch it every day but a lot of stuff was just silly, repetative and annoying.

Liked Atul though - seemed like a nice guy and a great chef!

Should have gone through!


Salamander Mon 05-Jun-06 12:27:36

I think i've heard there is a Celebrity Masterchef coming on?!?!

Anyone know any more?

zippitippitoes Mon 05-Jun-06 12:28:32

I'm glad I'm not having the final meal..thoroughly diappointing programme and I agree it was repetitive

Quite consoling to see how bad they were at times

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