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Invasion, Second series.............

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lucylady Mon 22-May-06 18:15:07

Does anyone know if there is going to be a second series? Thanks

LadyTophamHatt Mon 22-May-06 18:16:35

was last nights the last in the series then?

haven't watche it yet but have it on video...

pupuce Mon 22-May-06 18:17:43

Last night was one before last.... No idea about next season. You could check ABC's website.

lucylady Mon 22-May-06 18:25:14

I have been watching first view on E4. They said it was last in the series . No mention of next series. Lots of loose ends to tie up so must be new series eventually.

Misspiggy Mon 22-May-06 18:26:56

Just looked on ABC's website and the forums there have been made "Read Only". The posters seem to think it has been cancelled due to poor ratings but they've submitted a petition to ABC asking for it to be given a second series - here's hoping!

LadyTophamHatt Mon 22-May-06 18:38:34

I've enjoyed the series but I find it hilarous that it's being scrapped with so much still hanging.

lucylady Mon 22-May-06 18:38:47

Fingers crossed then . They need to tie up all the loose ends.

bresha Wed 24-May-06 11:22:30

Apparently not, although there is a petition to get a 2nd series, can you believe Larkin dies though! I did not expect that, shocking. No body ever kills pregnant women

Salamander Tue 30-May-06 13:51:41

I found this series sooooo boring!
Sorry to say if you are big fans.
I persevered for about half the episodes and finally gave in.

"Something's in the water..."
could only hold my attention for so long.

My main problem was believability - the characters just didn't seem realistic.
Larkin NEVER looked pregnant (perhaps why they felt ok to kill her).

It was like a third-rate Body-Snatchers.

Am I going to get lynched now?


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