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Help - I missed an episode of Green Wing and need to fill in the gaps!

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sweetheart Tue 16-May-06 16:18:50

I missed the episode before last. I saw the one where Caroline kissed Guy at the end. Then the next thing I know shes going out with a tall bloke with glasses and a bandaged head and the odd doctor with glasses is having a breakdown about killing a dwarf?!?!?!?!?

What did I miss?

galatea Tue 16-May-06 16:22:16

I missed it too! Still made me wet myself laughing though!

cadbury Tue 16-May-06 16:24:05

Oh, so, so much.
will have to pop back this evening and fill in the details as I'm meant to be somewhere else at the moment

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 16-May-06 16:25:55

THe guy with bandage was a psych she went on a date with. Bandage came about because her lodger, pmsl, threw his house keys at him and had a penkife on and lodged in his skull.

The doctor killed the dwarf because the woman (cant remember her name was in Brittas Empire) wanted rid of him and ordered a dwarf-a-gram to make him jump. I didnt see him kill him - missed last 15 mins but i figured thats what happened.

mrsflowerpot Tue 16-May-06 16:26:30

OK, well, odd doctor and HR woman who he used to be shagging did kill a dwarf - was the HR woman's cousin who she persuaded to be in odd doctor's office and jump out at him. Odd doctor clubbed him to death with a stuffed heron and they put the body in the incinerator.

Caroline told Mac he should spend some time with his son and they should stay apart and then she went out with the tall bloke who is the hospital counsellor? maybe? Guy had decided he was in love with Caroline so he threw his keys at the bloke out of his bedroom window which stabbed him in the head .

Erm, can't remember what else, but that is the plot stuff I think.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 16-May-06 16:27:33

Yes MrsF tahts a slightly more accurate summary than mine

mrsflowerpot Tue 16-May-06 16:28:35

not that I am totally obsessed or anything

sugarfree Tue 16-May-06 16:34:47

The woman who plays Sue White(?) is either a total genius,or she would be a very scarey to know in real life.
Gawd,she makes me lol.

sweetheart Tue 16-May-06 16:34:56

but did she sleep with guy?

sugarfree Tue 16-May-06 16:36:33

She insists she didn't.(and I believe her)

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