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Virgin media and/or TiVo: good or not?

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VintageRainBoots Fri 09-Nov-12 04:44:23

Hubby and I were told that Virgin Media provides TiVo service in the UK. We're moving from the US to the Guildford and would like to continue using TiVo if we can.

How is Virgin? Well worth the money or not? What about their customer service?

And how is your TiVo experience with them (if you have it)?

whatkungfuthat Fri 09-Nov-12 08:29:43

We have had it about a month. I have never used TiVo before but I find the menus a bit long winded compared to what we had before (BT Vision). It isn't quite as user-friendly IMO but I don't know if this is because of the way Virgin have it laid out or if its the way TiVo works. The content is dependent on which package you choose. Some deals give you an extra TiVo for another room.

There is a quite a bit of HD content, but not as much as SKY (who apparently 'own' the HD output in this country). I haven't had to use customer services for TiVo but I have for the broadband and they were ok, although I think all the companies are probably rubbish compared to the US.

NoGoodAtHousework Fri 09-Nov-12 08:40:18

I quite like it but have to admit its probably not as user friendly as sky. But if you're used to TiVo then I think it's the same.

Overall I love virgin media, love the 'cat h up' service, and the fact the cable broadband you pay for is pretty much what you get! The broadband is the reason I wouldn't change to another provider.

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