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E4 NOT showing new series of the TBBT.......

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Chelly71 Thu 08-Nov-12 08:54:42

..... Bazinga! Starts 15th November and I can't wait!

glenthebattleostrich Thu 08-Nov-12 08:56:49

That was mean. You nearly made a sleep deprived person cry.

And you are sitting in my spot!

Chelly71 Thu 08-Nov-12 09:06:37

Feel free to take over Glen as I'm a flakey op!
And I'm rushing off to sit by the tv until it shows on the planner and I can press series link... Sod the children

glenthebattleostrich Thu 08-Nov-12 09:09:01

Just chuck the children a box of coco pops and some fruit shoots they'll be fine grin

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