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Neighbours - can someone fill me in?

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PuffPants Thu 18-Oct-12 14:16:05

I haven't seen it for a while, just picking up the threads, it doesn't usually take long...

So, there's been a car crash? Rhys has hurt his hand, but how? What's up with Andrew? Is Tash now dating the geeky maths guy? Are Kyle and Jade back together? where are we up to with Karl and Susan?

Thank you!


Makingchanges Thu 18-Oct-12 14:20:14

Crash was with summer, tash, ed, Sophie, andrew and Chris. Andrew now has epilepsy but hiding it. Tash is dating Ed. Kyle and jade together but Jade about to go to LA for 6 months to set up her bootcamp business.

Makingchanges Thu 18-Oct-12 14:21:33


Makingchanges Thu 18-Oct-12 14:22:13

Rhys hurt his hand when he tried to pull Andrew out of the wreckage. Think it's now nerve damage.

matilda101 Thu 18-Oct-12 14:22:38

Rhys hurt his hand trying to get the others out of the car after their crash as he happened to be passing by. Andrews got epilepsy as a result of the crash!

Makingchanges Thu 18-Oct-12 14:22:41

Oh and Karl and Susan are just friends.

PuffPants Thu 18-Oct-12 14:34:59

Why has everyone fallen out with Andrew? This is to do with the car crash too, yes?

PuffPants Thu 18-Oct-12 14:37:42

I'm glad to hear Jade's leaving smile

Summer and the hot new journo are going to get it on, aren't they?

SpanishFly Thu 18-Oct-12 15:57:50

Basically the crash happened because of Andrew. Previously he, tash and Ed had invented a gambling/anti-gambling app (still don't really understand what it did) and Andrew sold it to a chain of casinos, after Tash specifically said not to. This came to light in the car - and that Andrew had forged Tash's signature to sell it. Tash and Andrew were screeching at each other. I THINK Andrew bumped Chris's arm which caused Chris to lose control of the car.

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