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Midsomer Murders

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LIZS Thu 13-Jan-11 19:09:40

Fell asleep with about 15 mins to go - again ! Could anyone enlighten me as to who and why please ? Also why don't they put it on the itv player hmm

cece Thu 13-Jan-11 19:11:54

They should do as I alwasy fall asleep as some point when it is on! It is just very sophorific isn't it.... I saw the end but sadly can't remember.


squashedfrogs Thu 13-Jan-11 19:16:24

I've got it recorded but haven't watched it yet. Can you wait till Saturday when I'll have a chance to watch it and can report back?

Saltire Thu 13-Jan-11 19:20:04

I could telly ou. Don't want to spoil it for cece and squashed though

amylou Thu 13-Jan-11 19:43:23

Oh I fell asleep too! must be the usual thing to do! hope someone posts the ending!

LIZS Thu 13-Jan-11 20:14:05

lottiejenkins Thu 13-Jan-11 20:58:58

LIZS ........... I fell asleep but woke up just as it was finishing i'll send you a private message so as not to spoil it for others!!

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