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Real Housewives of New Jersey Overload!!!

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kittya Sat 01-Jan-11 18:40:03

Ive just noticed on my planner theyve been showing it at least twice a week, is this a recent thing?

Im addicted but dont think I can watch six hours worth in one sitting. Ive got as far as the Christening and it made me feel sick to be honest and, as for that Kim G!!! what a cow!

HappyCapybara Sat 01-Jan-11 21:30:28

What Channel is it on? I've just watched RH of Orange County on Diva but didn't realise New Jersey was on.

MummieHunnie Sun 02-Jan-11 01:19:06

Kittya, it has been on two hours each night! I finished watching it now! Kim G went to the show where they all spoke after seeing all the aired episodes, no one liked her except Jacqueline.

MummieHunnie Sun 02-Jan-11 01:20:40

Happy, it was on Chanel 4, I think it is finished now!

kittya Sun 02-Jan-11 09:44:44

I will catch up with it slowly!! I dont think they can do a third one, do you?

VeryStressedMum Sun 02-Jan-11 10:14:28

I have on my planner, but my bloody dh keeps switching the telly off at the plugs (in case the tv blows up in the night) and I've missed loads - am not too amused.
Does anyone know if it'll be repeated?

kittya Sun 02-Jan-11 10:36:10

I doubt it because its on at some ungodly time in the first place. My friends dont know what they are missing!! smile

theladylovescupcakes Sun 02-Jan-11 11:03:44

My guilty pleasure! I've watched them all, with my chin hitting the floor countless times. What a bunch of harridans. Total car crash telly.

kittya Sun 02-Jan-11 17:22:58

how heavily scripted do you reckon it is?

I have to say, Im surprised that they children have turned out so well. Appart from that awful girl on the facebook and how Teresa is spoiling hers.

nurseblade Sun 02-Jan-11 17:26:07

Teresa and Joe have filed for bankruptcy and are 11million dollars in debt. They had to sell their house. I don't think Teresa will be spoiling her kids anymore!

kittya Sun 02-Jan-11 17:51:26

i wondered how he was sustaining that lifestyle from a Pizza takeaway.

nurseblade Sun 02-Jan-11 19:02:45

Apparently they are doing a third series. Danielle has left and is now in a lesbian relationship with a singer. They have released a song together.

The rest of them will be back, with the addition of Teresa's brother and sister-in-law - who don't get along with Teresa and Joe.

I'm a RHNJ addict.

kittya Mon 03-Jan-11 09:32:50

How much of it do you reckon is scripted?

Am I the only one that kind of liked Danielle? I think her children are a credit to her and that Kim G was a two faced cow!!

Is the show where they get them together worth watching?

nurseblade Mon 03-Jan-11 11:20:08

Well I'm maybe I'm gullible but I don't think much is scripted.

I like Danielle too, I thought the others bullied her and spread rumours because she used to be a stripper. She's a bit messed up but so are the rest of them. Her children do seem lovely, although I think she treats them too much like adult friends than children. They are much nicer than Teresa's brats.

Kim G was very two faced.

I really liked the reunion show, lots of fighting as you would expect.

kittya Mon 03-Jan-11 15:59:06

If its not scripted then it has to be set up doesnt it? all the lunches etc and then carefully edited. I think they really hated Danielle in the States but Im not so sure over here. Lets face it, the time its on at I dont know anyone that watches it. Thats abit silly I think.

Teresas children are complete brats and so is the oldest girl of Jaqueline, the others are all ok though.

I did wonder after watching that Christening whether any of them actually go to church!!

allluckedout Mon 03-Jan-11 20:40:08

I loved rhnj great viewing and as others left me open mouthed plenty of times.
I didn't like Danielle I really disliked her threatening behaviour turning up to meet a lone woman in a bar with a man who seemed he'll bent on physicL harm, turning up to a private meet again with a lone woman with armed bodyguards!!!!! She caused the majority if the harrasment.
I can't wait for series three.
Oh and the best thing about 2 episodes a night was no adverts just viewing all the way through.

kittya Mon 03-Jan-11 21:09:05

If shes not in series three it wont be the same

MummieHunnie Tue 04-Jan-11 06:33:03

I imagine they discuss beforehand what the topics are going to be and let them discuss normally, for example, Teresa and hubby know they are going to talk about the country club incident, Caroline and Albie know they are going to discuss his law course, Danielle and lawyers outside court knew they would discuss the legal situation, Jacqueline and Ashley know they are going to discuss Danielle and legal situation.

I think that Kim G was tipped off to be in certain places when filming was going on.

I think that series three is just as bad, from what I understand Teresa turned up late for her brother's child's christening and there was a similar incident to the country club with Danielle, there will also be her stuff with financial issues. The brother's wife will be the new housewife and I gather Dina may come back also.

kittya Tue 04-Jan-11 11:40:35

It wont be the same with out Danielle. I wonder if she ever did find her mother? I do think she treats her children like friends but they are very mature compared to someone like Ashley, who I cant stand.

I watched five minutes of the reunion last night and had to turn it off, Teresa started on Danielle within two minutes of going on air and there was no need for it.

11 million in debt, imagine that!! The Italian jaunt must have cost thousands and thousands, Im surprised the banks were still taking his credit cards.

nurseblade Tue 04-Jan-11 12:52:21

you could see Joe getting really stressed on the Italy trip about money, and again at Audriana's christening. He was obviously having a hard time and didn't know how to tell her.

When he gave her that big tasteless ring on their anniversary, he led her to believe it was a yellow diamond (about $500,000) but she later discovered it was a yellow sapphire.

I just googled did Danielle Staub find her mother, it doesn't look like she has yet. I should get out more.

serajen Tue 04-Jan-11 13:38:13

i love it! can't stand Danielle though, very narcissistic in my humble opinion

kittya Tue 04-Jan-11 14:53:56

she is that but, I think she has family values in her own way.

I like the older one and her husband, I could no longer have gone on that holiday with those brats!! I cant not believe Teresa was a fashion stylist and worked for Vogue.

NetworkGuy Tue 04-Jan-11 16:17:29

Thanks for the reminder MH - I knew I had seen some of the shows and found them pretty jaw dropping, to be honest, but not how I came to see them (I tend to view bits and obs off ITV4, Dave, FiveUSA, Five and Fiver (never understood the 'logic' of that name unless it is meant to be Five 'R'epeats or something).

As I have no idea which I have seen and which I have missed, I started looking on '' and someone has copied (bad guy!) all of series 2 so it can be downloaded over the internet...

I've just set my PC to download episodes 17 and 18, the two parts of the reunion, and will probably download the whole of series 2 over the next week or so (7 GB of data). Have not looked for series 1 at all, but no doubt someone has made copies of the shows, if they don't get repeated in the medium/short term future, on C4, E4 or More4.

MummieHunnie Wed 05-Jan-11 04:21:38

I left a message for Ch 4 letting them know I enjoyed the show, and asking if they are going to repeat and do series 3, they said not at the moment sad. I suggest that you message them to let them know you would like series 3, maybe if they have enough requests they will screen it!

kittya Wed 05-Jan-11 09:29:07

Maybe if they had screened the first two at more appropriate times instead of when everyone was in bed, it may have gathered more of a following. sad

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