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teenage boys! what a surprise...

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GypsyMoth Mon 26-Oct-09 17:55:11

dd13 has just come home from a day shopping with her friends...the new boyfriend included.

what a surprise he was....a very serious,quietish boy with a love of steam trains!

they arrive back with the loud,but charming boy who dd got herself in trouble with back in year 5...she has turned herself around,apparently,he hasn't. he was still known as the bad boy at end of year 8

so here we are ,year 9,see this boy again. he's LOVELY!!! very surprised at how he's matured,and he's clearly besotted with my dd still! and the boys had all been clothes shopping with the sweet....i am seeing teenage boys in a new light today,had lovely conversations with them,and even picked up some gardening tips from the 'bad boy'!

just wanted to share....

ChunkyKitKat Mon 26-Oct-09 18:41:58

Cherub, thanks for that. It's good to know they're not all hoodies and don't wash grin

Danthe4th Thu 29-Oct-09 11:24:25

My dd age 14 has the nicest bf he is so polite and a pleasure to have around,they went to a teen nightclub and he waited with her until she was picked up. He is also taking dd1 and dd2 out for the day for a birthday treat for dd2, i'm paying but he's arranged it all.

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