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15 year old wants to camp at the beach?

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alisonf69 Mon 21-Sep-09 06:36:11

My 15 year old son wants to camp with some of his mates (girls and boys) at the beach. I don't like the thought of it as:-
you don't know who is hanging around there and some of them may end up drinking. When I said no I was informed I was so strict. He is a good lad but I have been made to feel guilty however I hate the thought of him camping there.

I told him they could camp in our back garden but he doesn't want that after all he is nearly 16 (so I keep being told).

Do you think I am too strict or would other mother's react the same as me?

franklymydear Mon 21-Sep-09 06:40:31

you're right

he's too young

say no

chimchar Mon 21-Sep-09 06:52:43

thats a hard gut reaction would be no.....but, if he's a good lad, trustworthy etc, then i may be tempted to allow him.......then again, no!

can you come to some comprimise? beach until midnight then you collect him and his mates to camp at yours?

i'm dreading my kids becoming teens...i work with teens. i know EXACTLY what they get up to (obviously not all teens, just the ones i work with)...and i know what i would have been doing at nearly 16 on a beach...blush

Goblinchild Mon 21-Sep-09 07:43:49

I'd say yes, my two are almost 15 and 18. But the 14 YO is an experienced camper and doesn't drink. The 18 would hate the idea!
They usually take a mobile so they could phone me if they feel they need to come home, and their friends are all good kids. I used to love beach campouts back in the day.
But, he's your son, you set the rules.

admylin Mon 21-Sep-09 08:14:45

Are they all going to be 15 going on 16 or will there be older ones there?

AnyFucker Mon 21-Sep-09 08:16:10

nope, no way

but I don't let my kids do anything smile

dollyparting Mon 21-Sep-09 08:20:30

I'd just say that whatever you decide, don't be naive about it.

If there is a mixed group of 15 year olds camping there WILL be drinking and there WILL be underage sex.

Your son may or may not be directly involved but it will be going on.

DD and her friends would have camped out every weekend if parents had let them (and some did). It's like a big party each time, except that no-one has to worry about parents coming home, or neighbours calling the police, or having to clean up vomit in the morning. So much less external moderation of teenage behaviour and experimentation.

I didn't let my dd camp at that age - yes, she thought I was strict, old fashioned and frumpy, but that's what mothers are for grin

cory Mon 21-Sep-09 08:22:36

It's not the camping itself; I'd probably be happy with a child that age camping in a remote mountain district. It's more the thought of what else might be going on on this beach. And the combination of alcohol and water is a particularly lethal one. I'd say no.

Mumwhensdinneready Mon 21-Sep-09 10:49:39

I do remember when my sister was 15 she did this. She didn't bother to ask our parents though, just said she was staying at a friends. So beware of plan B wink.

mumeeee Mon 21-Sep-09 12:29:58

No he is too young at 15.

Tortington Mon 21-Sep-09 12:31:55

bit harsh

of course there will be drinking.

why not drop him off and pick him up knowin he will be slightly inhebriated at 1am?

Evaprob Mon 21-Sep-09 14:05:01

Sorry but have we foregotten the summer stories of lads getting drunk and falling off cliffs at Newquay.

A group of young people together, it only takes one 18 yr old to buy the drink, whatever you think - if caught in a group with alcohol, he may not even be drinking it but if the police come round - I know what I'm talking about. DD16 just got caught last week in a group underage drinking, we got a letter from police, school has been informed, dd has been re-acting badly to all this.

Dare I say allow it if there is adult company nearby who can police this or don't allow it at all.

alisonf69 Mon 21-Sep-09 16:59:39

He doesn't want to be picked up as they are sleeping there

Goblinchild Mon 21-Sep-09 17:36:50

"If there is a mixed group of 15 year olds camping there WILL be drinking and there WILL be underage sex."

You've just added a whole new dimension to the D of E Bronze campout, not to mention Explorer scouts! Are you quite sure this is inevitable on every occasion?

AnyFucker Mon 21-Sep-09 19:37:11

goblin, those you mention are supervised

Goblinchild Mon 21-Sep-09 19:40:58

Nope, the last Explorer camp my son was on was organised by the 17 year olds and they were in charge. Only overnight, but it went very well.
Doesn't D of E involve organising a walk and a sleepout without adults? A friend's daughter did it last year, although it might have been for her Silver.

Goblinchild Mon 21-Sep-09 19:42:39

I still agree that if the OP is uncomfortable, then she should forbid it though, it's a personal decision based on knowledge of her child and his friends.

AnyFucker Mon 21-Sep-09 19:55:19

ok goblin, will accept that

but what I will add is that an Explorer camp is likely to have a completely different "vibe" to a bunch of horny teenagers camping out to get away from the adults grin

Goblinchild Mon 21-Sep-09 20:45:00

They seemed to spend their time whittling, eating a range of semi-raw foodstuffs and playing midnight frisbee with a luminous disc.
And putting strange objects in each others sleeping bags, not including nude members of the opposite sex.
Happy Days!

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