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Shavers for teenagers

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primarymum Sun 12-Jul-09 09:57:50

My youngest son needs to shave! There are very definite signs of a beard and a moustache appearing ( he's only 14!) and I have NO IDEA what to buy. My only experience is of leg waxes and I don't think that would be a practical option
Any advice on a good first shaver please!

Drayford Mon 13-Jul-09 00:08:52

I went through this with DS a year ago. I found it best to involve him and went with him to Boots. The shop assistants were vv helpful and didn't embarrass him at all. We ended up with a rechargable electric razor which he was v happy with. However, this summer holidays DS is in a competition to grow a beard with several mates ... tragic, but I'm being a good mummy and keeping my mouth shut hmm I am so not old enough to have a son with a beard!!!

Mumwhensdinnerready Wed 15-Jul-09 17:43:12

My DS1 aged 13 decided he needed to shave off the fluff he was growing. I was all for going to Boots and buying him a shaver but DH said "just use mine". To my surprise DS was happy with that and now shaves every couple of weeks.
Not sure I think sharing a shaver is too hygenic though. Prob get him one for Christmas.

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