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are all teenage girls so undecisive

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2shoes Tue 10-Jun-08 22:31:15

ds's gf is comming to tea.
so I am trying to find out what to feed her as she is so bloody undecisive. takes her ages to decide what she has in a sandwiche.
so I said a choice between spag boll or chicken and chips. oh I'll just have a sandwich(so not hot meal all day!!)
are they all like this.....she is 14 nearly 15 and lovely. and not a fussy eater(no peppers or brussle sprouts though he he)

ivyJkaty44 Tue 10-Jun-08 22:40:31

My dd used to be, but now she just can't make up her mind, they worry to much what the b/f mother might think if she chooses the wrong thing. Dont give a choose and then have something in reserve just incase - this way you dont have a problem unless they dont like it and then you have back up.

suedonim Tue 10-Jun-08 23:10:51

Oh god, no! My 2 dd's have Very Firm lsun!!! Mind you, neither quite qualifies as a teenager as they're 12yo and 21yo but dd1's always been like that and dd2 shows no sign of changing as she approaches teenagerdom. grin

Tortington Tue 10-Jun-08 23:17:30

how very accomodating of you !

the GF/BF/friends gt what they are given.

i even served a vegetarian a pork chop once.

if they don't want it they can bloody well eat at home ( with the exceptin of the veggie - who verygraciously at around the chop and i wouldn't make that mistake again.

suedonim Tue 10-Jun-08 23:18:06

Opinions - don't know what happened there!

2shoes Wed 11-Jun-08 11:36:44

Custardo tis early days at the moment. if she is still arround in a few months then I will change

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