Braces and nail biting

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VaguelySensible Tue 24-Dec-19 10:04:10

Ds has been referred for orthodontic assessment. The form sent by the orthodontist asks whether he bites his nails. He does, sometimes, but mostly he picks at them. His nails display the evidence.

Will being a part-time nail-biter make it less likely for him to get treatment?

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RedskyAtnight Tue 24-Dec-19 10:09:06

DD bit her nails up to the point where she had a brace fitted. She was sternly warned not to do it any more and in fact it's now so physically difficult and she's so aware of not doing anything to damage the brace, that she's pretty much stopped.

As far as I'm aware it made no difference to her being offered the treatment (the assessment is all about how badly the teeth are misaligned and the effects of this).

RUSU92 Tue 24-Dec-19 10:13:54

No it won’t stop them treating him, it just means he might knock the brackets off while nibbling so I guess if they keep coming off at the front they’ll know why!!

If it helps, my DCs’ or thy orthodontist is lovely and never makes them feel bad if they knock one off. So far DS knocked one off drinking water hmmconfused, and eating pizza (they’re told not to bite anything like pizza, but to cut it with a knife and fork!) and DD knocked one off when she ate a stick of rock - at her dads house, so I’m abdicating responsibility for that one! - luckily the dentist just thought it was funny when I fessed up about how it happened grin

VaguelySensible Tue 24-Dec-19 10:38:05

Thanks for the reassurance! My others have all had adventures with braces - including knocking the brackets off by brushing their teeth and by licking a Mr Whippy confused - but none of them bit their nails.

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