Sons given up college

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Mairyhinge Thu 13-Jun-19 12:11:16

Hi, my son has just decided to quit college. He's done his maths gcse ( retake), but the other courses were btech so no exams and he's refusing to continue.
He's currently doing his cv ( VEREEEE SLOWWWLLLLLY) despite me jotting a lot of it down.
Doesn't want to study anymore, very reluctantly looking at apprenticeships.
But the area he's into ( music) there just aren't any.
I'm tearing my hair out. Plus I won't get child benefit anymore and all he does is eat!
Anyone else suffering??

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 13-Jun-19 13:57:33

How were the BTECs going? (Or is he quitting before he's pushed due to failing / not handing in assignments). Do you know why he wants to quit?

Will he get anything for the first year of BTEC? (eg DD2 did a Travel & Tourism BTEC, after the first year they got their subsidiary diploma or something).

Has term finished or should he be there for another 3/4 weeks? If so I'd try to get him back to finish the term.

Can you tell him he's got until the first day of the next college term to come up with an alternative job/apprenticeship? And if he doesn't then he goes back to college?

And of course you've been supporting him in education, but if he quits then his allowance will stop, and he'll now have to pay for XYZ that he hasn't had to up to now?

Must be very frustrating for you. flowers

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