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Backintime4breakfast Mon 08-Apr-19 06:58:11

DH caught DS last night. Sending v dodgy messages to another boy at school. Judging by the amount of scrolling through the phone, at least a dozen messages between them. They are both 15. DH says they were quite explicit & DS had asked for ( but not sent or received ) a dick pic.
We have talked over & over about safe internet usage, & after a meltdown at Xmas about us not trusting him, agreed to stop checking his phone. I ask him regularly if he’d be happy that any of his messages were shown to his head/grandparents/went on the side of a bus etc.
I’m distraught about the lying.but don’t want to alienate him. He already thinks his life is awful because we insist on no gadgets overnight etc. Even when we have restricted use to public areas in the past he has done dodgy stuff on his phone because we couldn’t see the screen.
How do I deal with a) the sexting &b) the lying?
Advice gratefully received.

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worl Mon 08-Apr-19 09:41:10

Are you sure it wasn't a joke DM convo OP? I've been told about them by School emails, they happen but are taken out of context, I'd discuss with DS why he did it first before making any other action

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