Stroppy 14 yr old

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chrisski33 Mon 10-Dec-18 00:06:31

Sounds like your husband needs to support you better. Maybe speak to him when d isnt around and tell him you need him to back you up?

Excel Tue 04-Dec-18 08:39:33

She wants to rule the hse and her younger siblings have to back down to her or she'll go full on nasty. I cant let her away with mean stuff and swoop in to mediate but end up getting sucked into her drama. We end up shouting at each other. whilst she is my husband's favourite and to him she can do little wrong. She has not spoken to me in 2 days after a nasty row. I've confiscated her phone and she's determined to not ask for it back however husband did give her his phone last night for 1/2 hr. how do i instill respect both ways between us. Help!!

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