Why is DS so hot at night?

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SeaViewBliss Mon 12-Nov-18 08:23:06

My DS is 13. He has developed this issue where, as soon as he goes to bed, he gets excessively hot.

Sometimes he has a big window open and a fan on yet he’s still too hot. It’s not his room as he slept in DDs room for a few nights and the same thing happened.

He isn’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes, I have sat with him and it’s like he’s got a fever but his temperature is normal.

It’s starting to be problematic as he doesn’t fall asleep until 11.30 so he’s knackered for school.

Is this a hormonal thing? Should I get him checked out?

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blackcat86 Mon 12-Nov-18 08:26:31

Could it just be a development of puberty? My DH is constantly too hot so now we have a young baby and need a warm room he's actually sleeping in the spare room in just boxers with a fan on. I'd freeze like that! He's quite a big guy, hairy (might matter for insulation??) And generally just runs hotter. DSS is the same. Could he sleep under just a sheet rather than a duvet? Might be worth seeing the GP just in case.

SeaViewBliss Mon 12-Nov-18 09:55:43

Thanks Blackcat

He sleeps in boxers with no cover at all. I think it might be a puberty thing.

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yumsy Mon 12-Nov-18 10:01:07

My 13yo does this. I assume it's puberty. He seems well and comfortable. I'm not worried.

lljkk Mon 12-Nov-18 10:04:32

How long ago did this problem start?

SeaViewBliss Mon 12-Nov-18 12:20:29

Good point Yumsy DS is otherwise well.

lljkk I guess since the spring but much of the summer was so hot anyway it didn’t seem that unusual.

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