Advice sought - teen at 6th form college

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Monica53 Mon 11-Sep-17 14:04:09

Hi there-just seeking advice a very long story however 16yr old DD got great GCSE'S results and has just started 6th form college which she was really looking forward to as she had been bullied throughout school, unfortunately now she has found out and sees a few girls from her old school who decided to go to college at last minute. These are not the ones who bullied her though she says it makes her feel sick. We've said it is early days and she needs to make new friends etc and these other girls will not matter. We so want her to enjoy 6th form and fingers crossed in time she will as this is only her second proper week. Any guidance / advice most appreciated

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datkins Mon 11-Sep-17 17:43:40

tell her not to worry, what i started to notice after leaving school is that the overwhelming majority of people starting sixth forum/college start to grow up and focus on their future, uni/apprenticeship ect it is very rare that people go on to sixth forum to give others a hard time and mess around, you will look like a fool at that stage of your life if your doing things like that.

tired17 Mon 11-Sep-17 19:07:29

My DD moved to 6th form college for the same reasons and found that some of the bullies moved too. They did try to cause some trouble but because the whole dynamic had changed and the other students didn't engage with the nastiness it rapidly died a death. She went on to make new friends and did very well. She also gained a lot of confidence by making the move.

So tell her to hold on in there, ignore them and concentrate on meeting new people,. It's hard at the start but definitely worth it.

Monica53 Mon 11-Sep-17 19:16:44

Thank you for replies. We've had a chat tonight and suggested she remembers why she moved to college : to meet new people and grow. She has said she has chatted to new people today and we've also suggested and she agrees that just ignore the people from school and also they cannot behave like they did at school as totally different environment and they won't put up with it there! X

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